Top 5 Best Spider-Man Animated Episodes

Spider-Walt gives you his Top 5 Best picks for Spider-Man The Animated Series episodes. Did your favorite make the list? Find out!

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  1. I was already introduced to Spider-Man by the PS1 Game, however it was this Animated Series that cemented Spider-Man as my childhood hero.
    Agreed with the choices as well, I hope you get around to the Spectacular Spider-Man series as well.

  2. The other great thing about the Alien Costume trilogy was that Eddie Brock was actually built up throughout Season 1 as an antagonist to Spider-Man and Peter Parker, hating them both, blaming Spider-Man for his misfortunes, etc. This series had really great character development/series continuity, and was among the first of its kind to do so that early on.

  3. Also, Turning Point was one of the best-animated of the series.

  4. I see Spectacular Spider-Man dvds in the background there. hopefully they’re next up for a top 5

  5. If I’m remembering correctly, did this have an episode where Mary Jane got powers or am I making that up? If I’m not, then that’s my favorite episode. Haha

    • You are remembering correctly. Major spoiler territory, but: The MJ that returns after Turning Point is just a clone of MJ. The clone was made from MJ’s DNA, and the DNA of Hydro-Man (due to the latter’s ability to re-assemble from water). And thus, MJ had Hydroman’s powers when this all came to light.

    • You mean the one where she “returns”? Yeah.

      I recall that episode distinctively since it was the episode that introduced me to the concept of bad ex-boyfriends (or the concept of possibly stalkerish/abusive ex-boyfriends as far as the censors would allow for a children’s show back then) at a young age. The guy had water-like powers and Mary Jane used her own powers to fight them off which weirded Spider-Man out and lead them on a discovery to figure out what happened to her during her disappearance and the nightmares she had been having.

  6. I would love to have seen a scene where both Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson interact with each other, it would have been fun and interesting to watch.

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