Top 5 Best Star Wars Original Trilogy Moments

Walter is joined by special guest HelloGreedo to count down their picks for Top 5 Best Star Wars Original Trilogy Moments.

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  1. My favorite Star Wars moments:

    1. Yoda shows Luke how to retrieve a sunken X-Wing from the swamp. The music is great, the emotion is powerful, and the message is clear: if you set arbitrary limits for yourself, you only limit yourself, but if you can break through them, you can accomplish great things.

    2. The “I am your father!” reveal. Up until this point, it’s been too easy to think in terms of Good vs. Evil. But suddenly, we see that the distinction isn’t so clear. Darth Vader was once a good man; a terribly flawed man (and as we discover later, a whiny teenage bratty one), but a good man nonetheless. But anger and a desire for control drove him to darkness. That could be Luke’s fate as well. Now Luke’s battle with the Empire isn’t just a faceless war; it becomes deeply personal.

    3. Luke falls to the Dark Side. Although I have a slightly different interpretation than this, though. Vader threatens Leia, and Luke suddenly goes berserk and just kicks the crap out of him. But, when given the chance to kill his own father, he backs down. He realizes that the way to defeat evil is not to indulge that evil. Personally, I always took that to mean that Vader had given Luke a noble reason to fight, but even a noble fight can leave one damaged and susceptible to darkness. And Luke, after doing to Vader what Vader had done to him in the previous film, recognizes his connection to his father and instead spares him, defying the Emperor to do so. This, of course, is tied to Vader’s redemption, so it’s hard to disconnect the two events. That is, when Vader destroys the Emperor, not out of some vain ambition, but to protect his children like a good father ought to, even though it killed him to do so.

    4. Sunset over Tatooine. Without saying a word, Luke manages to communicate his longing for a different life, his despair at being trapped in his uncle’s tiny world, his utter helplessness in the face of imperial domination, but most importantly, the deep sense that he was MEANT for something bigger than this. The deep intense struggle of his present reality but the distinct feeling that this is not who he truly is.

    5. Han frozen in Carbonite. Specifically, the “I love you!”, “I know!” exchange. This, to me, solidifies the Han/Leia relationship. Sure, she and Luke have a connection, and sure, she and Han come from two completely different worlds and have two entirely different worldviews. But here, you see the bittersweet revelation that these two are meant to be together, and yet they are being torn apart.

    Honorable mention goes to Slave Girl Leia. As sexist as it may sound, you have to admit that Carrie Fisher looked really good in that outfit.

  2. I never read into the Twin Suns scene very much but it’s a beautiful scene regardless. Followed by the medal ceremony as #4, the Death Star scene as #3, and the “Help Me Obi-Wan” scene as #2. My absolute favorite moment is the very last scene of the original trilogy when good has finally overcome evil. Anyways, I’m going to miss your videos once Net Neutrality kicks in.

    • Keep in mind, in film, sunsets usually represent the future (because that’s the direction the sun is going); this is a very common trope, especially in the Western genre. When a cowboy rides into the sunset, it signifies him leaving his past behind and looking to make a new future for himself. To me, Sunset over Tatooine was a vision of Luke looking to the future while still stuck in the present, with all his hopes and dreams just out of reach but unobtainable. And we feel all of that.


    E X C E L S I O R !!

  4. HelloGreedo is not a Star Wars expert.

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