Top 5 Best Sylvester Stallone Performances

We’re trying out a new show with Walter. Do you agree that these 5 roles are Stallone’s best performances?

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  1. Great list Walter and I’m going to have to say my personal top favorite Stallone performances are a tie between his tearful breakdown in the first Rambo and the speech to his son in Rocky Balboa. Stallone has so much depth and range outside of being Rocky.

    Also his performance in Cop Land was one I thought was underrated but the movie wasn’t that great.

  2. I believe you had the DVD up on your wall of what should have been the number 5 performance (I think Rocky Balboa is honestly ONE character) and that was his best comedy (unless you consider Demolition Man and Tango and Cash comedies) Oscar, where he played Snaps Provolone.

  3. Might I request Michael Wincott as the next actor you cover?
    If not then I request you do Arnold Schwarzenegger and Andy Serkis.

  4. I’ve got to agree with you at number 1 and 2, and I think you could make this work. As for actors I want you to cover in terms of their best AND worst works…

    Chris Evans
    Jim Carrey
    Mark Hamill
    Tim Curry

  5. Hmm…suspiciously similar to the 5/5 format employed by That Sci-Fi Guy…but he rarely makes anything more, so, sure.

  6. My request would be for Jack Black actually, I don’t think people give him enough credit for his great performances like School of Rock and The Holiday

  7. Harrison Ford! {Though I’m not sure you could 5 bad performances from him}.

  8. This should be an interesting series but I’m not sure that Thursdays are the best days for this. Wouldn’t Tuesdays or Saturdays be better? That’s just my opinion though if you’re looking for show criticism. Also, I realize that I’ve only seen two Sylvester Stallone movies: Judge Dredd and Spy Kids 3. Unless you count Antz. LOL.

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