Top 5 Best The Legend of Zelda Games

Heather & Aiyanna count down their picks for Top 5 Best The Legend of Zelda Games.

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  1. I hope we’re getting a Doki Doki Literature Club themed Top 5 or review some time in the near future :).

    Just Monika.

  2. Good list. If it wasn’t for my own nostalgia, I think BotW would usurp Ocarina of Time as my personal fav Zelda game.

    I actually prefer Link’s Awakening over Link to the Past as far as the 2d Zelda’s go.

  3. Oddly, I feel the opposite about Breath of the Wild and Ocarina of Time. When I tried out Ocarina of Time, the changing camera angles frustrated and bewildered me, and I couldn’t even figure out how to make it out of Link’s village.

    By contrast, Breath of the Wild actually brought me back to being a regular player of video games for the first time in 25 years. The “explore anything, fly over the world” element really touched my imagination like nothing else.

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