Top 5 Best Tom Hanks Performances

Walter counts down the Top 5 Best Tom Hanks roles in the newest edition of Top 5 Best. Did your favorites make the cut?

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  1. No Joe Versus the Volcano?

  2. Next up: Top 5 Not So Good Tom Hanks Performances
    (Because any Tom Hanks movie is better than watching Pauly Shore or Rob Schneider)

    5. The Ladykillers
    4. Cloud Atlas
    3. Volunteers
    2. Bonfire of The Vanities
    1. The Man With One Red Shoe

  3. Tom Hanks is my favorite dramatic actor for all the reasons shown in this video. He brings so much nuance and character to the roles that he plays that if you aren’t feeling what his characters are feeling, you’re probably not getting as much out of the experience as you should. As far as favorite performances by this marvelous actor, my absolute number one pick is Forrest Gump. It is my fourth favorite movie (topped only by Monster’s Inc., Donnie Darko, and Night of the Hunter) and it is one of my earliest Hank Films (after the Toy Story franchise, Big, and Splash). I remember watching it for the first time in fifth grade on TV and sobbing profusely by the end of the film. Hanks gives such a believable performance as a man with developmental disabilities that it’s hard to believe he isn’t his character. The history stuff and AMAZING special effects also makes it a fun watch, but Hanks does carry the brunt of this performance on his back. I’m curious to see what his Top 5 Worst Performances are. They probably will be better than some of the other actor’s Worst Performances we’ve seen so far.

  4. I’m disappointed that Apollo 13 received no mention simply because it’s my favorite movie of all time…period.

    Mind you, Hanks doesn’t play a standout starring role in that movie as it features several great actors all delivering great performances.

    Ranking Hanks top 5 was really a no win scenario to begin with, lol.

  5. I love Forrest Gump. One of his best roles.

  6. I love your shirt. Anyways, I’ve never seen Saving Private Ryan, Philadelphia, The Terminal, The Green Mile, Saving Mr. Banks, or Big. LOL. I’ve never heard of Road to Perdition. However, I have seen Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and the first two Toy Stories many many times. ^.^ So I guess my top five would be 1. Forrest Gump, 2. Cast Away, 3. Toy Story 2, 4. Toy Story, and 5. Sleepless in Seattle.

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