Top 5 Botched Console Launches – Fact Hunt

Larry takes a look at five gaming systems that suffered from completely screwed up launches, some even destroying the company!

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  1. So glad you didn’t include the Wii U, which actually had a solid launch…it was the follow-up months and then announcements and release of PS4/XB1 barely a year later that doomed it to sluggish sales for much of it’s lifetime.

    Atari and Sega couldn’t catch a break it seems. I believe the Jaguar’s ultimate reason for death was no killer app of any kind.

    • Except neither Sony or SEGA have a killer apps on the release. Reason for Jaguar fail was this same as in case of any gen 5 start ups.. lack of trust. In this business consumer trust is everything. That is why from six generation up we have only three major competitors and literally every one else except Sona and Microsoft fall from market.

      It is in fact simple. When people buy console they do that blindly, thy need trust that operator would support high quality games in future what is more important than even hardware. That is why Nintendo 64 sold so well despite falling so behind competition. Many people simply wait for them knowing that they would have great games and proper support (as most people can afford only one console per generation). Only after Sony and later Microsoft proved that they are reliable Nintendo who has ego issues at that point fall to second league.

      Anyway, we see that clearly also in case of Atari and SEGA. Both companies were titans in the past, both failed due to betraying trust of people. Atari was partially blamed for video game crash, and they literally wasted they last chance with Atari 7800 living people with lackluster Atari 5200. From that point literally no one sane trust them and poor quality of Jaguar proved that for a good reason. Blaming here only Trymiel isn’t exactly honest. Same happen in case of SEGA, after releasing of underdeveloped 32x people were left with worthless pieces of junk, Saturn failed due to high price but Dreamcast (what in fact was great console) failed solely due to lost of SEGA reputation.

      On the other hand the reason why Sony win was because it was personal grudge for them against Nintendo. They literally make this console not form money but to make Nintendo bleed. And so they did offer great support for third party developers, and good price tags what ironically find out to be profitable in long run and is current day standard. Microsoft on the other hand has already good reputation on the PC market, and so they were capable to bring many PC gamers with them into console market.

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