Top 5 Games Longest Spent in Development Hell – Fact Hunt

Nope, Duke Nukem Forever ISN’T Number One!!! I look into the fascinating world of games that took forever to be released and the fascinating stories as to why.

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  1. SaltpeterTaffy

    “Lays Misrelabra”

    You so did that on purpose. >_>

  2. I personally don’t know if URW should count, I mean, it’s a game that initially released as ShareWare and then got updated constantly. It was already on the market, so I’m not sure it should count as longest spent in Development Time. Duke Nukem Forever still gets my vote on that title…

    • I agree… URW has been in development for a long time, but certainly not in “development hell”. Otherwise Dwarf Fortress should probably also be on the list. A late Steam release for a game that has been around for 20 years is not really a deciding factor, in my opinion, especially since it is still available for free.

  3. Can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to hit number 2.5

  4. Another great video.

    Of course we all thought Duke Forever would be the #1 spot, but leave it to Larry to surprise us with something obscure.

    • Though in case of that game it was a scam.. it simply was insane how no one did not notce that there is no game in development on the first place and still provide money.

  5. My brother worked on Too Human. He said it was Denis sticking his oar in at every department was hugely responsible. He wanted to be programmer, designer, renderer, every damn thing he wouldn’t just let people do their jobs cause he thought he could do everything better.

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