Top 5 Hidden Pissed Off Programmer Rants – Fact Hunt

It’s quite eerie to know that buried in some game’s code is the rants and rages of programmers who vented their frustration assuming no one would ever find them…Except they did!

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  1. It’s so weird–and cool, of course–to hear Caddy’s voice in a video on Channel Awesome.

  2. Well it’s not hidden but in Sonic 2 (this will have to be in the U.S. version since the game was made there) one of the developers got so upset that they changed the name of the character he created that he put up a splash screen with the characters actual name on it at the beginning of the game.
    Likewise this ones a bit tricky since the game started out as a Demo in Japan, went to Europe and picked up a few levels only to be finished in the U.S. but the rant doesn’t enter into it until it got back to Japan 1 year after it’s release which BTW Japan was the last country in the world to get the game but in Sonic 1 the character designer for Robotnik got his panties in a wad because a his Hero character Eggman was not only turned into a villain but renamed, of course he had no knowledge that his Hero concept had become a villain or that the name was taken off before the game left Japan so that he could be given a name by the western divisions to appeal to western gammers and for many MANY years he blamed the U.S. team that finished it when all they did was give a name to a nameless villain in the tech demo they were handed. Of course the rant only shows up because the characters creator was the one who did the translation of the game from English to Japanese.
    Of course those who challenge this video game fact that the first Sonic game made in fully in Japan is Sonic CD to me I always end up challenging them to finding a 1991 Japan cart of Sonic 1 and I’ll take it all back and apologize fro being wrong, in the end they wind up accepting that they are wrong and I am right because the only 1991 carts that exist are from the U.S. and Europe and it doesn’t help that the Japan release date is one year after the fact or the fact that many names that show up in the credits for the game as developers, level designers, and sound engineers are people that have only lived in the U.S. like wise from what I have gathered most of the Master System Game Gear games were made in Europe and ported to other countries which is why they work like shite on the NTSC systems.

  3. ( 7:52 ) Wait… Did he got TB (TotalBiscuit) to say those lines for him ? I could swear that it sounds like him.

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