Top 5 Stupid Things Said by Games Journalists – Fact Hunt

Games journalists, may be the town criers of our industry, but occasionally they get things wrong…really, REALLY wrong. So this episode Guru Larry looks at the top five most stupid things ever uttered by them!

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  1. Thank you so much for calling Colin Moriarty to task.

    I remember him smugly trashing the Wii U for it’s lack of games for it’s first year on the market, then writing a puff piece called “Silence is Golden” reassuring everyone that the lack of titles and delays for the PS4’s first year on the market was actually a GOOD thing. Just terrible journalistic ethics, no objectivity.

    I’m so glad IGN got rid of him, or he quit, or whatever the case was.

  2. I hope you were being deliberately sarcastic when you said the Vita has no games as it actually has a ton. It definitely hasn’t been a commercial success though, nor did I expect it to be as it was always destined to be a cult system based largely on the fact that the majority of its titles are Japanese or indie based. The PSP actually was that syste, late in its life, but as it had already sold 80 million units no one called it out for that. The Vita is what the PSP would have been without the initial years of mainstream success with AAA Western dev support. I do love it though and highly recommend it to any fan of Japanese IPs.

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