Top 5 Worst Arnold Schwarzenegger Performances

This week we count down the Top 5 Worst Arnold Schwarzenegger Performances on this week’s Top 5!

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  1. First when I saw Doug, then the box for Last Action Hero – I thought for sure it would be on this list, and each number I cringed thinking it was going to be next.

    Thank you for not putting it on here. The Last Action Hero is a satire. and it’s absolutely 100% meant to be over the top and cynical. Arnold is actually pretty good in it, playing a literal action movie character that exists in a Hollywood crafted world. I know Doug hates it, but I think it was fun and kind of clever.

    Back to the list: Most of the recent movies I haven’t seen, but 6th day was such a dumb movie, I’d nearly forgotten everything about it until you started showing the clips. Nice work Heather and Aiyanna!

  2. return of the plot hole!

  3. Just saw a double bill screening of Terminator 1 and 2 the other night. Not saying Arnold’s acting is bad in T-2, but listening to him try to pronounce some of the technobabble they made him say is pretty hilarious.

    “Mimetic polyalloy”

  4. I often hate these stupid-ass story plot or narratives that these people put in to include in their movie or actor reviews or rating countdowns.

  5. Why did this video whose sole purpose is just to evaluate, rate, or review any particular performance of any particular actor or other such pop cultural discussions or countdowns need horror genre-based subplot or any such narrative where a reviewer disappears behind a demonic closet door so the online audience or the actor-reviewers could find a him or her in a pretend scavenger hunt? Yeah it even sounds complicated when I describe this or any other video of that sort.

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