Top 5 Worst Comic Book Movie Castings

Aiyanna & Heather count down their picks for Top 5 Worst Comic Book Movie Castings.

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  1. With most of these, I don’t know if it’s so much bad casting as it is just poor understanding of the characters themselves.

    Except maybe Shaq. Whoever thought to try to get Shaq into film is should be barred from the entertainment industry for life.

    Take Batgirl, for example: why is she related to Alfred instead of Jim Gordon? That made no sense.

    And like you said, Jennifer Garner could have been a really good Electra, but they got her character all wrong.

    Venom was doomed from the get-go. Venom as a character doesn’t make sense unless you first deal with the Symbiote. Basically, a shapeshifting alien parasite that decided to become Spider-Man’s costume. Unless you deal with that first, there’s really no point in giving the Symbiote to Eddie Brock at all, much less make Brock a nerd instead of a jock.

  2. I hope others make their own personal lists for comparison on this one!

    My list of top 5:

    5) Halle Berry – Catwoman
    4) Jared Leto – Joker
    3) Nicholas Cage – Ghost Rider
    2) Arnold Schwarzenegger – Mr. Freeze
    1) Jessie Eisenberg – Lex Luthor

    My honorable mentions:
    Danny DeVito (yes the legendary character actor) – The Pengun
    Gene Hackman (yes the Hollywood Legend) – Lex Luthor
    Michael Clark Duncan (not because he’s black but because he was ripped and not fat) – Kingpin

    • 5) Definitely. Bad role, bad character interpretation and it was made post-Blade.
      4) Considering that it wasn’t meant to be that Joker (outside that there is at least five of them) but Joker Jr (Jason Todd) I can’t complain outside that he is totally pointless in that movie.
      3) Yeh. That is definitely one of largest castings failures in history. But at least it ws funny, not that it was meant to be.
      2) I’m not sure I can really complain about 90’s comic book movies as in those times all o them suffer on same poor licencing issues, where directors who never read comic though they are making camp movies for kids or creeps. It is why I exclude even Schwarzenegger, because as weird he was in that role it still was the standard and if he would be played as Terminator it could be in fact quite cool for the time. This same goes for DeVito and Hackman. DeVito was in fact great in that weird and creepy “Burtnonized” interpretation of Pingwin and movies in 70’s count even less.
      1) Yeh. That one was painful because it was meant to be a Lex, and they “change” him in Alex because fans complain even before movie was released. How the hell someone who act like Joker Jr. knockoff (still complain about Leto?) could become a president? Who was smart enough to turn one of greatest villains in comic in bad Fan4Stick Doom knockoff (I wounder why no one mention him)?

      As for Duncan his character is unrecognizable as Kingpin, so I’m not sure I can really complain about random crime boss like him.

      • 2) It may have been the 90s, but this was after Burton had showed us how to make a dark, tragic character. If you watch Batman TAS (also from the 90s), Mr. Freeze is written and voiced brilliantly…he’s distant and tragic and haunted. He’s lost his humanity and not an ice themed one-liner dispenser.

        As for Michael Clarke Duncan, I read the Punisher and Spiderman growing up, and if we’re just going to say “random crime boss” then cast him as a random crime boss or give him a unique character. Duncan does okay with the bad material, but he shouldn’t have been cast in that role, he’s just not right physically (too buff) and his disposition is too nice and likable to play sociopath Wilson Fisk.

      • Also, for 90’s comic book films: The Crow came out three years before Batman and Robin, and that was a very gritty and serious movie.

      • (Jason Todd) – are you sure you don’t mean Tim Drake? I know that Jason took on the Joker’s prior identity as Red Hood, but I’m not aware of him ever becoming a Joker. Tim Drake, on the other hand, was brainwashed and genetically altered to become another Joker in Batman Beyond.

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