Top 5 Worst Jennifer Lawrence Performances

You’ve seen the best of Jennifer Lawrence, now we take a look at Mystique’s worst performances.

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  1. The accompanying text for this posting has a grammatical error.

    Robert Bateman spotted the error right away.

    Using Microsoft WORD the grammar check will pick up the error and therefore put a green squiggly line under “You seen”.

  2. I was watching Doug’s review of TMNT 2 just a few days ago.
    He commented on how Meghan Fox gave a very “unimpressive” performance.
    And I said to my sister (who was watching beside me):
    I think Meghan Fox (TMNT2) and Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men: Apoc) were having a competition to see “Who Can Give Less Of A $#!T During Their Performance”

  3. I’ve never see House at the End of the Street since I can’t stand horror movies. Yeah, I heard that Serena was bad. I thought she was okay in both Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. For Days of Future Past, I think that we’re just so used to seeing her act really well that seeing her be just good ends up being on the worst list. I agree with you on X-Men: Apocalypse so that’s probably what I would pick for the worst. One last thing: I’ve never heard of the Burning Plane but maybe that’s for the best.

  4. She really just isn’t a very good actress at all.

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