Top 5 Worst Jim Carrey Performances

Are these really the worst Jim Carrey performances?

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  1. Count Olaf!?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!? Yes, reading the books, Carrey is not the ideal Olaf. While he didn’t exactly nail Olaf’s more quiet, threatening, manipulative side, he perfectly got his flamboyant, theatrical side.

  2. Ehhhhhh….. This video was a bit hard to sit through because even though Jim Carrey has been in his fair share of stinkers, he rarely ever gives a downright awful performance.

    I think this video should have been more of Top 5 Worst Jim Carrey films as opposed to his performances. I honestly do like the majority of the films in this video.

  3. Honestly, I’d say that his performance as Riddler was less down to him and more down to Schumacher’s direction. You look at the villains of the Batman movies he directed… They’re less like the comics and more like the campy 60s Adam West’s Batman.

    Admitted, Carrey does his usual of going WAY overboard with the role, but my point is that Batman Forever and Batman & Robin is MEANT to be overly campy and obnoxious, because it’s sort of an amalgamation of the look of the comics, but with the lunacy that was the Adam West series.

    • I agree that the campiness in Batman Forever and B&R was intended. Carreys performance as the riddler, though was Jim Carrey like he was in the mask or in Ace Ventura. Same gestures, same…sounds he made.. I dunno.
      Tommy Lee Jones had the unfortunate part of playing ‘guy who has to react to Carreys goofiness’. It was a common role, actors had to take in Carrey movies. Worst example: Liar Liar. All these poor actors in the court room must have had directions like: ‘Now, react to Jim screaming at you.’ or ‘React to him pulling faces’ or ‘React more to Jim Carreys loveable, obnoxious shennanigans.’
      I might take a leap here, but I think Schumachers direction probably were nothing more than: ‘Jim, do these things everybody wants you to see nowadays to make my movie hip.’

  4. Nope. No no no no nope…I LOVE him as the Riddler. Yes, I want to see a more serious Riddler. BUT he made Batman Forever for me. I don’t even like Jim Carry. I like maybe 2 of his other movies, and yet I adore him as the Riddler. At the end when he spreads his tattered inmate uniform and says “I’m Batman” it’s terrifying. Sure, Batman and Robin is one step too far on the crazy train, and sucks, but Forever hits a sweet spot for me, and I love it, in large part due to Carry and Jones, there chemistry is sparkles. Also, its the rare villain team up that goes pretty well, no treachery or anything. They get a long, no how to read each other, pull each other back when they start getting out of hand. It’s a pretty cool relationship. I can’t agree on this one.

    As for worsthe. Probably the Grinch. If you want to talk about not doing a character justice that deserves more, look no further. I was so excited for that movie as a child, we saw it in theaters and I was so angry I kept asking my parentsb if we could leave. I can never forgive that movie. Yes Man is a close second. One thing Carry shouldn’t be is dull.

  5. I’ve only seen the Series of Unfortunate Events movie. Jim Carrey was not what I was expecting when I read about Count Olaf. I have never heard bad things about Batman Forever though so that was a surprise.

  6. How about The Pedophile Jeffery Jones?

  7. Fuck,I love Cable Guy. So over the top but so socially awkward and creepy. I disagree on that haha.
    Next we need Adam Sandler.or Ben Stiller.

  8. WTF? I enjoyed the Number 23. I thought it was a fascinating thriller. Not the best of his movies and, there are much better thriller/mystery flicks out there but, this one was still pretty decent. It has its issues, yeah, but it doesn’t deserve a spot on his Top 5 Worst list.

    Also Riddler in Batman? He was a bad Riddler sure but, his performance itself was solid and entertaining. That was classic Jim Carey styling throughout. In short, his performance wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t in the appropriate movie.

  9. Full disclosure: Not a Jim Carrey fan.

    That being said, I thought Cable Guy was one of his better performances, and Matthew Broderick is bad in it because Broderick is actually a terrible actor.

    I’d put Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty, and The Grinch on this list, but there are enough bad Carrey performances to go around, and this list is pretty good with the exception of Cable Guy.

    Special exception: Earth Girls Are Easy…he’s really just a minor character here.

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