Top 5 Worst Johnny Depp Performances

These are the worst Johnny Depp performances in Walter’s opinion. Did they match yours?

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  1. Yeah, no. Wonka is bad. Very bad. But the others on the list are worse. And “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is not that terrible. Methinks your personal bias kind of colored this. Kind of a lot.

    There are also really dull performances in “The Man Who Cried,” “Nick of Time,” “The Ninth Gate” (lord, that movie is balls), “The Astronaut’s Wife” (this one might deserve a place on the list), and “The Libertine” (absolutely miserable film. Disappointing). I haven’t seen “The Lone Ranger,” but there have been some misgivings about his performance (beyond the Native American controversy).

  2. Do you really think a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake was*unnecesarry*? I’m not tlking about the end product, I think we can all agree that it sucked, I’m talking about the concept of remaking it.

    In my opinion Charlie and the Chocolate Factory *direly* needed a remake and that’s one of the reasons it sucks so much that we got a bad one.
    First of all the effects, while surely servicable at the time, simply did not age well. Looking at the sets the fakeness is apparent to the point of breaking the suspense of disbelief. The candy is clearly plastic, the Oompa Loompas are cleary painted litle people and worse, the chocolate river looks like dirty water.
    The movie gives of a distict 60s vibe, from the songs to cowboy crazy Mike TV, which does not mesh with a setting that is supposed to be timeless.
    Thirdly the child actors aren’t the best, especially Charlie’s performance can be very wooden at times.

    We deserved a remake. What we got was shit.

  3. I believe an honorable mention should go out to one of his worst acting performances in “Apology to Australia”, co-starring Amber Heard.

  4. lilith_ascennding

    Going to join the growing chorus of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wasn’t a complete piece of shit”. I loved the original book because of its perfect balance of whimsy and some slightly darker jokes-the hallmark of author Roald Dahl’s writing. However, I honestly HATED the original Willy Wonka movie when I saw it for the first time (after reading the book). They totally bastardized a wonderful story just to turn it into some random “kiddy adventure” with elements of corporate greed and a tunnel sequence that comes the fuck out of nowhere. Because Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adhered almost entirely to the plot of the original book, I honestly found it much more enjoyable and was actually happy watching it, laughing at some of my favorite scenes from the book. That is, until the ending of the film. This is where I will admit that the only things about the original film that I did enjoy was Gene Wilder’s portrayal of Willy Wonka and the fact that there was no “daddy issues” bullshit (trust me, that wasn’t present in the book). Wilder’s Wonka is the whimsy and snark that the book presented us with, while Depp plays Wonka more like your creepy uncle who stares at you for an uncomfortable amount of time and probably shouldn’t be left around kids. I’m still waiting for a Wonka remake that has the plot (sans daddy issues) of the Burton film and a performance of Willy Wonka similar to Gene Wilder’s.

  5. And there goes a ton of respect I have for these videos. Your choice of Willy Wonka at number 1 is clearly soaked with personal bias. Regardless of what you think of Depp’s choices for the character, he played it very well throughout the duration of the film, and gave it his all. And yes, his character believe it or not matches the book way better than Gene Wilder did (although Wilder’s Wonka is a wonderful portrayal in its own right, it is far off from Roald Dahl’s original character). Meanwhile The Burton version does have a place, of making a more accurate book to film rendition (only to throw it out the window with the father backstory (which I agree is unneeded). Last point to make, the music for it is awesome (that point has no reason to come up in this video by the way). Danny Elfman’s various Oompa Loompa songs are wonderfully weird, and actually follow the original lyrics written by Dahl in the book.

  6. I didn’t think he was that bad in The Tourist (and I liked the twist. I didn’t see it coming). However, I don’t remember the chemistry though. I actually didn’t mind him in Transcendent. I love him in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Then again, I hated the original. This one is brighter visually and I like the songs more. Heck, I styled my high school graduation party after the remake. I never saw Mordecai and Tusk.

  7. THank you for the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” one of the very few movies I stopped in the middle.

    P.S. – Do de Niro, he has a lot of goods and bads…

  8. I agree with everyone here. Depp’s Wonka was just downright bad, even creepy to an extent. Gene Wilder was able to make Wonka both a fun and an incredibly dramatic character but Depp plays him like a creepy stalker.

  9. The Ninth Gate wasn’t a bad performance just a bad film the ending was lackluster and underwhelming… The libertine again not a bad performance just a miserable film.
    the Willy Wonka performance I understand where he is coming from but I think he could have done an amazing performance had he had the right direction.

  10. Tim Burton reigning in an actor whose performance is going off the rails? Has that ever happened?

  11. IMO Depp’s Mad Hatter is far, far worse than his Willy Wonka. It’s the same performance one film later with the occasional outburst in the wrong accent.

  12. As for “who do you want me to cover next”… I’d like to see someone female. You’ve had five white males in a row now.

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