Top 5 Worst Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episodes

With the new movie coming out this week, Walter gives you his Top 5 Worst Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episodes.

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  1. I absolutely loved your outfit in this video. I recently bought a Power Rangers hat so I could wear it this Friday at the movies. I’m pretty sure I didn’t start watching Power Rangers until the Time Force era so I don’t have much to say on these particular episodes. Although, the western episode doesn’t sound too bad. Lastly, I would have totally come to help you, Walter. ?

  2. I’m 32 so I experienced the American release Power Rangers first hand. I have to admit I loved watching the show. It was Power Rangers and X-Men.

  3. 3:39 – Quick! Somebody get me the Rap Critic! STAT!

  4. I think you could do better with a bit more energy in your presentation. At least at the very beginning, when you’re teleporting in.

    Of course, energy waxes and wanes as you go, as it should. But just a presentation tip. Both Doug and Tamara seem to get the energy up when they start.

    As do most everyone else on Channel Awesome.

  5. 12:05 – Should have called Linkara. Or maybe the Angry Nerd.

  6. Number 3 is fine. And number 2 being a dream actually kinda fixes it.

    You need the one where Tommy and Aisha (I think) are made to sing, when neither of them can sing (though Aisha is at least in tune).

    Not sure what other one you need, unless you include the VHS Christmas special.

  7. Grew up watching Power Rangers because it was on before the bus came for school…not a fan. I didn’t love it then and I flat out don’t like it now. I’m glad the show makes others happy but for me its cringy…like trying to watch the TGIF shows again. TV was a lot different then and not always in a good way.

  8. I have to disagree with Wild West Rangers. It’s a silly concept yes but so is most of the Mighty Morphin era. I was always entertained by it every time I watched it.
    And oh god the Christmas episode. If there is one thing Power Rangers has never done right its their holiday episodes. At least its not as terrible as Zeo’s that one one was dumber than anything on this list.

  9. I gave up on the show around the time that they de-aged all the characters.

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