Top 5 Worst Stallone Performances

Here is Walter’s Top 5 Worst Stallone performances. Are there any that are worse?

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  1. Dear god, you are reviewing movies, do some research before creating videos. Oscar is a remake of old (1967) French movie with the same name starring Louis de Funès.

  2. Stallone has bad performances?! Blasphemy!!!!! 😛

  3. Best part of Judge Dredd is that friggin awesome animatronic killbot.

  4. “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot” isn’t in your Bottom 5?

  5. In term of future actors to do – Jeff Goldblum, Tom Hanks, Humphrey Bogart, Vincent Price, Tim Curry. For future actresses – Audrey Hepburn, Glenn Close, Sandra Bullock

  6. I saw Judge Dredd. It’s hilarious. So is his performance in Spy Kids 3. Yep, like I said: I’ve only seen his bad performances. Please do Nicolas Cage next!

  7. I like this new show. I think I might like Walters taste in movies better than Doughs. That is what I call nostalgia.

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