Top 5 Worst Star Wars Prequel Moments

Get your podracers ready- Walter gives you his picks for Top 5 Worst Star Wars Prequel moments.

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  1. whatever you think of Mediclorians, why do so many people think Qui Gon said that they ARE the Force and not just that they tell people what it wants?

    • Because movie was unclear about it. Most people even don’t know that Qui Gon was a grey Jedi and midichorians weren’t officially supported idea by the Order. It was basically what he made up. Yes, they possibly could determine force sensitivity, but that overall mean nothing.

  2. There isn’t a day I don’t think to myself, “Man, I am so god damn glad George Lucas isn’t in charge of Star Wars anymore.”

  3. Yeah, I would have enjoyed Episode I a lot more if Jar Jar wasn’t in it. I like all the other Star Wars movies. I didn’t mind the Padme and Anakin romance. It was written like a corny 50’s romance though. I actually like NOOOOOOOOO! It’s the Sharknado-esque moment of the trilogy. I say NOOOOOOOOO in everyday life. I’m not sure how I feel about the midiclorians. I’m also not sure how I feel about Episode III. Lastly, one of these days, I’m going to see The Clone Wars and Rebels. I just haven’t made time yet.

    • Unfortunately, while Star Wars has it’s roots in old Hollywood serials, and yes all the films have their funny moments…it was never meant to be straight camp.

      Even the Ewoks, who have come to be hated and despised by the millennials beyond the general indifference of previous generations, never got close to the levels of goofy slapstick and plot contrivance of the prequels.

      I never thought the Vader NOOOOOO! was THAT awful because I think was just happy that the third movie is overall watchable, unlike the first which is bad, and the second which is a disaster. I was a little forgiving.

      • Yes, but the Ewoks (especially if someone know that they make a two movies and cartoon series based on that misfire) were first huge symptom of fact that Lucas didn’t really understand the audience. What people knowing details of production were fully aware was that despite what myths at that point claim, Lucas should not make those movies directly, because there is a reason why all good parts were directed by someone else.

        And it is not as much that Vader “Nooo!” is horrible on itself, but as they say they turn really menacing villain in a joke.

  4. Acetylsalicilique

    Ok. What the fuck is wrong with Midichlorians ? Seriously. What is wrong with it ? We knew that connection with the Force is hereditary because of theh Skywalkers, so it had to be genetic. They just confirm it, and it’s really fine….

    • In my opinion, it’s that they had to explain something that was best left unexplained.

      It could have been Space Jesus, nanites, midochlorians, power crystals…it didn’t really matter how good or bad the explanation. It was that explaining it made it lose it’s mystique.

      Also, now it makes less sense that people stopped “believing” in the force in the original trilogy…a mystical unexplained force is easy to lose faith in…but a scientifically quantifiable phenomenon? It’s like people saying they no longer believe in hormones or schizophrenia.

      • I agree, but also should clarify that midicholrans weren’t as much issue on themselves as how butchered explanation was. But what I strongly should oppose here is misunderstanding of the reason why people stop “believing”.

        The thing is that people didn’t really stop believing in the force as much as they didn’t on the first place. For most people Jedi were nothing else like Illuminati. We think that they were important because prequels focus on them, but from the lore perspective there was maybe few thousands Jedi in whole galaxy and many people didn’t even see any in they entire life. So most people simply though that Jedi were weirdos and frauds with too much influence over the Senate. That is why Empire so easily convince anyone as people blame them for Clone Wars on the first place. And with midicholrians thing.. the thing is that Qui Gon was a grey Jedi. His actions and ideas weren’t exactly supported by order, so Midicholrians potentially could be a pseudo-science on the first place. I’m almost sure that there is hundreds ridiculous theories what could be used as example of that. Parapsychology is a thing after all..

        • That would make more sense if our introduction to the concept of “faith” in “the force” weren’t Empire Generals led directly by Sith Lords who are clearly awash in these mystical powers.

          It’s just like the Aniken Skywalker built C-3PO as a child problem. You have to spend entire paragraphs explaining why it’s not an obvious plot hole and ret-con when it clearly looks and seems like one.

          Your lack off faith in a clearly defined scientific phenomenon….is lacking.

          • But that simply how it was. Generals of empire who in most cases were a generals of Republic maybe two decades earlier didn’t believe in that “Force” stuff. For them Emperor wasn’t a Sith (if they even were aware of that fact), but a old dude. They only tolerate Vader as Emperor proxy, but they clearly were disgusted by fact that he sand that weirdo cultist to them. Empire politic not only wasn’t directly based on Sith ideology, but intolerance to religion was deliberate tool used by them. Just Vader didn’t give a shit.

            And yes, it was a plot-hole.. was in the past. And again. Force wasn’t scientific phenomena. Qui Gon only say that Midicholrians are used to determine how strong someone in force is, but the thing is that nothing say that it was a fact. Similarly in real world someone could claim that number of Mitochondria determine your PSI. Would you believe in it? This “clearly defined scientific phenomenon”?

          • I forget to say that for them claims that Emperor is a Sith has as much sense as claims that Trump is a Antichrist. Sith were that boogieman what Jedi (“those Illuminati weirdos”) use to enforce own politic. As for Vader people did know that some number of ex-Jedi did work as Inquisitors (Imperial Jedi-killers) and most likely presume that Vader is one of them. He even need make them point that he is more important then the are, because they totally ignore him at first.

      • All Midichlorians are are just a way of explaining why some people are more Force-sensitive than others.

  5. Only the romantic scenes I found annoying, but all the other in the list just shows that this guy is simply a hater without real explanation why.

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