Transformers: The Last Knight NON-Review

Nostalgia Critic wants to try something different this time around. Can he predict what happens in a Transformers movie WITHOUT actually seeing it?

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  1. Thanks for continuing the tradition. We’ll see if you’re right, NC/Doug. Stupid fun has its place though, dude. I mean the last one added dinosaurs. That’s what the new thing was in the last movie. Still, as someone who has seen every Transformers movie at least once, this is probably the last one I’ll be seeing. I mean, what will these movies even have to offer without Michael Bay?!

  2. Yes! I agree with you a 100% NC! I stopped seeing Transformers movies since I saw that comment from Michael Bay! And the way Hollywood treats us, the customers, is disgusting!

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Also the same reason I refuse to buy an X-Bone. Micro$oft public relations were so atrocious during the time of its announcement, that I decided not to buy anything from them.

  3. Alaster Boneman

    I haven’t seen a single bay movie since age of excitation, that was the straw that brock the camels back. I will not see the last knight or any of the transformer movies that fallow, I have not seen a sigle one the live action TMNT movies even know technically I know bay doesn’t make those but come on they have his finger prints all over them. and I’m going to continue skipping both the transformer movies and TMNT until this we get someone making them or see some new stuff in them. I had enough

  4. I didn’t see the second movie in cinemas. I still to this day have not watched the third piece of shit all the way through because, I just don’t fucking care. It was on TV once and I decided to see how much I could sit through without wanting to hurl something large and heavy at Michael Bay’s head, and I lasted 15 minutes. Sadly, there was a really legitimately great story buried in that third movie, but it kept getting derailed by idiocy surrounding the REAL main characters, the human fuckwits who just piss us off with their obnoxious idiocy. I’ve not even tried watching the fourth one, even on home media, because who the fuck cares?! I just want people to stop watching these shitty movies immediately and NOT give Hollywood their money. The only reason why 3 and 4 made so much money is that they were partially set in China with some Chinese actors having cameos, and China loves movie that features their country, so people from that country decided to watch it. You only have to look at the decreasing viewing figures in America vs the increasing viewing figures of China to figure that out.

    Michael Bay might have been right about many people, but for me? No, I’m not watching his utter shitfest in cinemas because they don’t deserve it. I refuse to give these people money for the same bullshit over and over, and haven’t since I despised both of the first two movies.

  5. While you are most likely right… I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this one has a COUPLE of twists. The fact that the main characters are younger teens shows that the mood is a little different.

    Fingers crossed, still not going to go see it.

  6. I Think he’s right, but I am going to laugh very hard if they do, do something different with this movie.

  7. Huh no charity shout out.

  8. Honestly find Age of Extinction the worst out of the movies Last Knight just might prove Me wrong and become the worse from what I’m looking at.

  9. Speaking of experiments, my first comment ever… just a statement, nothing more.

    I agree with Doug on one point (it will be a huge deal to find out, if this will be a paycheck Hopkins performance, or a Westworld Hopkins one) namely about getting by better on looks alone.

    I’m not saying this as to express objectification is a good thing, rather that in certain situations it’s useful, and can kill suspend of disbelief. It’s a different thing if it’s established, that the character has deep morals, but my focus is on the distress here.

    Which is why I was somewhat disappointed with John Woo’s The Crossing, a two-part epic about the Asian Titanic. Not about the part, that much like the Titanic, it hasn’t featured much of the disaster itself, more the character portrayed by Zhang Ziyi. The Pacific war and the subsequent civil war was hell on Earth, so corrupting a few morals to ensure survival wouldn’t have been surprising, that caused the disaster itself. So the movies tried to relay the message, that a woman as beautiful as Zhang had to scrape by on breadcrumbs instead like being her girlfriend who found a relationship where she dictated the terms.

  10. Y’know, it’s really kind of sad that Michael Bay with all the billions of dollars he puts into these movies can’t make a better Transformers movie then the animated one from the 80s.

  11. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    I refuse top support this franchise anymore. after they fucked Grimlock up so horribly I quit!

  12. I’ve been watching for you guys for a while and thank you so much for your insightful, eye opening, and at times down right hilarious reviews. As far as this Transformers is concerned, i 100% agree with what you’ve stated in your video. The first was incredible and truly did give us something new, but from then on out it was very repetitive and didn’t give us ANYTHING worth seeing. If only people could ban together to actually boycott the movie and truly DEMAND that we get better, however doubtful that is, considering there are some “die hard” fans that will go just because transformers is stamped on the title.

    Like yourself, i truly hope i am wrong, but the review sounds spot on. I will wait for Netflix to air it to find out if the outcome is as you say.

  13. Sure we can demand something new… but will the higher ups listen to our demand?!

  14. At least this one wasn’t written by Ehren Kruger, so there’s a chance of something a little bit different.

  15. Daniel Brizuela

    To be fair a lot of what happened in the second film was out of Bay’s control.

    • ThatRandomGuest

      The big writer’s strike happened then, right?

      Still, that one was a huge train wreck. I remember listening to the commentary for RotF and the people talking about it sounded so embarrassed about it.

  16. Hey Doug, ever though that this could lead to a new character for the “NC?”


    “Nostalgiadamus” will tell us the plot of future movies and will explain why futire viewers will remember it fondly as a bad movie!

    Just food for thought.

    Anyways, great review as always and enjoyed another round of “Go Away Michael Bay.”

  17. I jumped ship on these movies after the third one. Even that I was highly apprehensive of after revenge of the fallen. But my friends…peer pressured me to go see it.

  18. Aww, I missed Chester A. Bum. I probably won’t see this. Well, pay full price at least. Of course I have no hope for this. Honestly “Cars 3” is looking a lot better. I’m definitely looking more forward to that!

  19. Did Doug call out Lindsay? She’s really mad at him on Twitter, like what?

    • ThatRandomGuest

      She’s been doing Transformers related videos and even has a Transformers related channel. So she took this video as a personal jab against her.

      Don’t know if it is or not. But I do know a lot of people left Channel Awesome on a bad note and that there’s a lot of behind the scenes drama regarding this place. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of them got into a spat of some sort in the past.

  20. That’s an atrocious, horrible thing to say from this so-called North American “filmmaker” asshole who makes shit-tons of money and happens to be the traditional North American white male. Donald Trump could have been a better, more well-meaning filmmaker ten-fold, I will never compare Donald Trump with fucking Michael Bay, because I’m a Russian-Jewish American wiseman citizen who does have a lot of brains and a lot of morals, I’m like Yoda or Gandalf or better.

  21. I should take over Hollywood like a Messiah, I should! I have original movie ideas, just not the millions money (hundreds or millions of US dollars), 5 year-education, crew, lots of crew. Michael Bay is going to be making these till the day he finally dies, (Transformers 25: Something… anyone?). The problem is our modern American culture is just plainly stupid and trivial, we as US Americans even in our poorest economy, have the whole fucking world in our grasp as our oyster to influence or rather you 100% Anglophonic Americans regardless of what ethnicity or nationality still have control and not just cultural control of this planet Earth regardless of who the President is, China the Communist People’s Republic has to watch our shit, it’s true and the truth is Cultural Globalism from this nation, sometimes it may be good but sometimes it can be bad and harmful to other national cultures and arts struggling to compete with their messages in culture and art and story-telling about the human condition. like the Russian Federation.

  22. Please stop giving Michael Bay money, FFS.

  23. Maybe similar but you have to agree they are well made

  24. Spoiler: this video is 95% accurate… only thing suprisingly abscent is the racist stereotypes… You Do get some brittish ones though.

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