Transformers: The Last Knight – Tamara Just Saw

Tamara and Cody check out Transformers 5 (The Last Knight) on a new Tamara Just Saw.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    I haven’t seen a single film of this franchise since 2. 2 was so bad, so irritatingly stupid, that I decided that I would never spend a single dime on this series ever again.

    To me, 2 represents what Michael Bay really wanted to do with the franchise. Keep in mind, racist robots, gay dog sex, mom pot brownie trips, John Turturro’s butt, and giant robot balls are what Bay considers entertainment genius. That should tell you everything you need to know about this guy and whether his movies are worth anything.

    • LOL. I like every Transformers movie except for #2. Haha. If the humor is too stupid for even me, something is wrong.

    • Same. The first “Bayformers” film was the only one I paid to see in theaters. I saw the 2nd one on DVD at my cousin’s house, and I only saw that one because she had it on. After the first movie, I decided that Michael Bay isn’t getting any more of my money.

  2. I’ll come back to your video once I’ve seen the movie.

  3. The Real Silverstar

    This movie lost me at Witwiccans.

  4. So I just got back from it and …it was ok. The actors were ok except for the voice actors. They were amazing. The action scenes were amazing. About 1/2 the jokes fell flat. There were odd subplots. They made it way too complicated. Some of the good guys seemed too cruel. It’s like they didn’t care about the body count anymore. If it wasn’t for the awesome action scenes, the jokes that were good, and the voice actors, this would be a bad movie. Since Michael Bay is not coming back, I probably won’t be coming back. His style carried 1/2 the movie. Lastly, there was a French robot and his power was super cool. I also like that they finally gave the ladies some fan service with Mark Wahlberg.

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