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With another Transformers movie coming to theaters, let’s take a look back at the their first cinematic outing, “Transformers: The Movie”.

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  1. I find this old TF cartoon movie to be actually enjoyable unlike most Bay’s live action TF movies. Then again it also has awesome 80’s hard rock soundtrack that really makes me happy. Lion’s version of TF opening is easily my favorite version of it.

  2. Philistine! As a musician and reviewer of pop culture, you should recognize Weird Al Yankovick’s Dare to be Stupid as the awesome Devo-esque poke at pop culture that it is.

    Otherwise, great review. It’s a flawed and sometimes cynical film, but it’s also so totally rad 80’s you gotta love it.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      I once heard that Devo hated Weird Al for writing this song. Not because he was making fun of them. No, they were jealous because he managed to make a song in their style better than anything they had done themselves.

      • I heard that story also.

        Despite being known mainly for pop song parodies, Weird Al is an accomplished musician, song writer, and …accordion player.

  3. I spent way too much time around fanboys who would never stop unironically praising this movie. Because of the impression they left, any time I watch it, it’s like toothpaste and orange juice in my brain. Those types ruin even the camp value of these flicks. But I will always cherish Devastator kicking Grimlock and am glad the scene got recognition.

    • I think you have to look at it in the context of it’s time. The film Akira (1988) is flawed in many ways too, but it was groundbreaking and we’d never seen anything like it. Not that Transformers rises to the level of nightmarish, dystopian, surreal body horror that is Akira, but it was new and unique at the time.

      • Exactly that. You can’t just watch old movie and say it was “shit” comparing to MCU or Pixar, because of course it is. You need understand historical context of its creation (that is why world classic was invented) in times where most of animation was cheap B-class a trash. This movie in fact hold quite well for non-Disney and non-Japanese production.

        • I actually disagree about older movies. The MCU is great and has broken ground in superhero films specifically, but then again, compare any of them to a classic Scorcese, Kubrick, or Hitchcock film.

  4. *Complains for the whole show about ‘memorable characters’ being killed… can’t name a single one of them aside from Optimus. Boohoo.* :'(

    • So? What your ignorance was supposed to prove? Simple fact is that they kill almost whole cast of first season and in fact many of those characters are icons.. well.. mini-icons, but still.

  5. WTF-ticons… I lost it there

  6. Red Priest Rezo

    While I loved the TV show as a kid, I’ve only watched this movie a few years ago. And yes, it is just awesome. A great action movie with balls, creativity, rocking soundtrack and some amazing voicework. It’s not perfect, yes, but it still is unironically great.

  7. So fast ones:
    1) Yes, it is flawed movie, but for the 80’ties standard it was quite good. But yes.. it is largely a nostalgia.
    2) Matrix can charm Unicron because of Primus, the other half of Unicron what has ability to override him..self.
    3) The difference between this movie and Bayormers is that it is supposed to be watched as part of larger series. They didn’t explain some stuff because they already did that in the show. Bayformers on the other hand usually don’t explain who the character you fallow for more then a hour is, so you need google it when you watch the movie. Seriously?

  8. 4:00 Where’s Ray Stanz from “Real Ghostbusters:??
    8:44 What?? No “Boogie Nights” joke??
    11:51 And John Candy’s was “Wagons East”.
    17:31 and more hair metal.
    18:00 You forgot to mention Weird Al music. Now I really know that I’m in the 80’s.
    19:28 Only for Cliffjumper’s (red guy on far right) voice actor (the great Casey Kaseem) to quit the show immeadiately at the start of the next season due to a racist joke.

  9. I have… mixed feelings about this movie. I mean, the music and voice acting are top-notch (by the way, it’s great to see someone else who remembers Unsolved Mysteries!)… but on the other hand, I have serious issues with the fact they killed off many beloved characters just to sell toys.

    Still, this movie is considerably ether than the live-action films, I will admit…

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