Trolls and Doctor Strange – Midnight Screenings

Team Snob checks out the trippy double feature of Trolls and Doctor Strange!

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. I haven’t seen/read any Troll reviews yet so I was curious as to what you were going to say. Although, who goes to the movie on substances? I mean, I saw a drunk lady at the movies once but that’s it.

    Doctor Strange is the first Marvel movie that I may or may not skip. All the previous ones I’ve seen during the first week premieres.

  2. It’s weird watching Mads (the D is silent) Mikkelsen in some of his Danish films in which he’s sympathetic. You might not expect him to pull it off, but he’s that good of an actor. “The Hunt” is exceptional.

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