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Go to, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage, and type in NOSTALGIA to claim your special offer today! The nostalgic dolls made bank at the box office, but does it have lasting power or are you already sick of your kids playing it over and over? Nostalgia Critic looks at the hit film Trolls before the sequel World Tour comes out.

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  1. Kurtis it’s pronounced Valis <—- not Vallis ^_^
    FIRST! Like last week. HA
    Yes i finally did it the first comment in the 14th NC video of 2020. Remember this day those who see/read this. There is always Next Decade! HAHA!

    Yeees! live with the shame for the next 10 years to get that first comment. MWAHAHAHA! I’m on a winning streak here. Where are your first comments HAPPYME?

    Everybody: Sheesh, dude chill it’s not that serious.

  2. still on my winning streak….

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