Turkish Flash Gordon – Brandon Tenold

Time for a Turkified take on one of the original comic-strip heroes with “Turkish Flash Gordon” (1967), where Flash conquers the universe using a laser shooting bra!

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Reviewer/Riffer/Lover of strange films from across cinema history.


  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I wasn’t diggincthe review at first well it was fine don’t get me wrong but when you started burstin out the subtitles and riffed on MTV I loved it and this has gotta be one foot my favorite Turkish reviews from you beside the Turkish superman one. Great stuff dude even though it was a little short I get it and didn’t mind it actually. Now I just can’t wait till next time but I’m sure this movie won’t be as bad as the next gamera movie.

    BTW love how the film cut off and didn’t leave a proper ending for you so you decided to do the same and just cut off so the episode would-be finished love it and can’t wait for the next……

  2. That was fantastic!

    All of your jokes worked very well.

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