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Halleluyer, The Cinema Snob reviews a Madea movie. It’s time for Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas.

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  1. lol, you’re cute, C-Snob! ^_^ The apology out of the corner of your mouth was hilarious.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    First of all,Larry the cable guy advertises for prelesic oct so I’m not surprised he reccomended the product(or why that was written in the script to begin with) and formost I don’t blame the Christians for not cursing its the Christian way snob(obviously what kind of person are you for not understanding that) but otherwise good review(just as next for the next 2 weeks I think your probably gonna review the black nativity but next up before black nativity will probably be winters tale).

    Im also surprised that even brad knows he’s a cruel person for sending Brian and Dave to those Medea movies,I just don’t know why he doesn’t stop(that tyrant but not as much as Medea is one XD!!!)

  3. The problem with the Madea movies is she is merely a side-character. Most of it is soap opera stuff with inappropriate “black foolishness” comedy wedged in there.

  4. Wow, Blair from Facts of Life was in this. …why?

  5. It’s astonishing how in some circles this insufferable caricature and franchise is deemed family friendly, when this despicable character with her irrational and sporadic nastiness, provides such a terrible example of how to treat other people who are not you.

    But it is shamelessly and callously targeting blacks, above all others, with this brand of nihilistic mediocrity through the guise of terrible cinema, that feels especially underhanded. It’s A message that appears to run thusly: ‘Hey (blacks) the world is shit (especially for you, in the US, where you get to ‘win’ all the statistics and the police always wants to be your friend), so why try anything worthwhile, why bother be a decent human being.’

    Look, I am not one to descend (ascend?) into hyperbole, so I’m aiming for understated when I write: TP is a traitor to our species and must be stopped. There’s something sinister at the core of this franchise, an insidiousness, that breaths of unspeakable, unadulterated evil. Of malice, too pure and terrible to contemplate. Of the highest (lowest?) order.

    Sure, I recognize that I might be a bit higher (higher?) as I am writing this, so in closing: 1. A Hummingbird. 2. A Puffin. 3. Pird of Baraidse (Pbah!) 4. Another puffin (from the future (why not?)). 5. An Owl. 6. Singularity.
    Oh, and entertaining review, as always! Hurray for XMASantaBrad!

  6. I’ve waited for the n-bomb since the beginning, because those stereotypes lacked one.

  7. You know your movie is bad when Larry the Cable Guy isn’t the most insufferable person in it.

  8. what made this even worse is associating Larry the Cable Guy’s voice with Mater from Pixar’s Cars while listening to his dialogue in the bedroom scene.

  9. It comes off as really horrible and with alot of unfortunate implications that the mother lied to her daughter in the first place saying that a White man killed her father? Wow…

    I mean, whether he was a white person, Asian, Latino, or any other race would have really complicated matters so badly. It opens it up for warping this daughter’s relationship with other people and society in general, and luckily, it didn’t write her as such since she did look past her husband’s race and married him for who he was on the inside. But if it wouldn’t have been a Christmas movie and a bad turn of luck fell upon all of us, this would have come out badly as making the daughter into just as much of a spiteful distrustful woman as a adult as the mother.

    I just got “Bad Racist Implication” vibes coming from what the mother did to cover up her husband leaving them. Anyone else thoughts on it?

    • Warning this is going to be TL-DNR for some, but something has snapped in me!

      I was just shocked they put a murdered father complication to an interracial romance in a Christmas movie in the first place. I had to stop the review for several minutes to get over that before I could resume playing and find out the whole thing was a lie! The drama is exactly what the snob called it POINTLESS!

      Between Kirk Cameron’s Christmas and Tyler Perry’s Christmas…I might as well just say it…I feel stupid just thinking it but…I may get burned for this but…


      Don’t get me wrong. Ernest Saves Christmas is a really silly movie, but it was subtle with similar serious themes while still being a fun family fantasy!

      You don’t need to hit people over the head with religion to acknowledge the religious origins of Christmas. All you need was one close-up of a bumper sticker in Ernest’s cab that reads “Keep Christ in Christmas.” That’s it! It’s not contridicted by Santa Claus telling his soon to be replacement Joe not every child on earth celebrates Christmas. A test of faith in a Christmas story can come from just getting someone to believe in miracles brought a God like being whose not all powerful without having promote to an entire belief system.

      A little drama at Christmas is fine, but does it have to be horrible drama! ERC had a runaway teenager with troubled home life. We didn’t need to now the whole extent of her troubles. She just feels unloved and that’s enough. No need to bring in rape, alcoholism, or MURDER. Simply knowing that she wasn’t above lying and stealing to get ahead while still acting like a nice person overall, was enough to created tension at the climax about whether she’d actually do the right thing.

      So thanks Kirk Cameron and Tyler Perry. Thank you for seeming to know less about what makes an amazing (or at least rather amusing) Christmas movie, than a guy whose primary joke was that his character knows nothing!

    • Sorry I moved away from your serious speculation Ladydiskette. I agree what the mother did was was horrible, but I was already so blown away by all the rest of the stupidity that I really couldn’t process it. Like a said above, that this movie went so dark in the first place kind of throw up for a loop and what I wrote is were it lead. Just seemed the best place to put it.

      Also I wasn’t sure what you meant by “Bad Racist Implication” vibe. I even googled the phrase. Guess maybe I’d like to hear your own thoughts on implication rather than make my own judgment.

  10. Who the hell are these movies *for*? I mean, it seems to be targeting the black community, but Madea is a borderline racist caricature, there’s way too much of a focus on rural white people problems, and Larry the Cable Guy is in it.

  11. I may have to go back and read up, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read that when it comes to water rights, you can’t stop water to people who were there first. In other words, if you start a farm upstream from a pre-existing farm, you can’t stop the water flowing.

    Second, how the hell did anyone get a dam built in the 21st century?

    Dam river.

  12. HermioneHotpants

    Tyler Perry should be put on death row for the movies he makes. They are so god-awful that you can consider them crimes against humanity.

  13. I think I’ve seen parts of some of his movies and Tyler Perry’s movies are a disgrace to cross-dressers and transgender people everywhere! He’s like Ernest but more racist and trans-phobic! Even SheZow and 40s-60s Bugs Bunny cartoons had a better portrayal of a cross-dressing protagonist than Tyler Perry’s garbage!

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