Video Game Confessions: Blanka

Your favorite bartender recalls the conversation he has with Street Fighter’s Blanka.

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  1. Happy days! For this ending: “What a twist!” I’m really liking these.

  2. (Miscellaneous comment acknowledging Spoony reference)

  3. True Perception

    Are you releasing a backlog, or are you just on an art kick?

  4. So that’s why Spooney is late with his Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future review.

  5. Wow, and I thought the Sub Zero one took a dark turn. Not that I’m complaining, it was awesome.

  6. DAMN that one was grim! And funny, Blanka isn’t a character I usually associate with such violence. I mean yeah, he is a fighting game character but he himself usually just stumbles into fights out of no harsh intent of his own.

  7. Damn it Blanka, Spoony still has fans! Eh, Linkara probably has some Phoenix Down

  8. Okay, this one was actually funny.

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