Video Game Confessions: Felicia

Your favorite bartender recalls the conversation he had with Felicia.

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  1. i feel like Doug should update the opening because every time i hear it it sounds like i’m watching a video from 2008. for example they should re-record the narration with their current microphones and maybe get a better soundbite of the chip-tune music. i like this series but i think it needs some improvement

  2. Felicia’s pretty crazy isn’t she?

    Not as crazy as sonic was… by the way, what’s happening to that blue blur these days? At “Ring Addiction Anonymous”?

  3. Lol, I’m surprised Doug knows who Felicia is… But I guess he’s open for these things… 😛

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    I was going to say, “We’ve been getting a lot of the VGC’s lately.”

    But “The Dark Knight Rises” explains it all.

    Not that I’m complaining.

  5. So… would this make Felicia a crazy cat lady? (Rimshot)

    …I make no apologies for the pun.

  6. This was pretty funny. Just one note. Female cats are spayed, not neutered.

  7. Yay. 😀 Perfect series.

  8. I’m afraid to imagine what Hazama’s confessions are

  9. Pity nobody told her they’re making a Wonder Woman movie; she could’ve auditioned for Cheetah.

  10. Wow…..Dark Knight Rises would have been a much different movie if Felicia was Catwoman. XD

  11. I swear to god I can smell the marker fumes from behind this computer screen.

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