Video Game Confessions: Mega Man

Our friendly bartender recalls his conversation with the blue bomber.

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  1. Yay! Rapid fire Video Game Confessions this week! 😀 Would I try on an “invisible shirt”? Maybe… but only if it’s in Vogue. Haha.

  2. Had to do a double take on the dates I am so glad he’s making these.

  3. Well the invisible man level is technically unbeatable.

  4. Glad to see more of video game confessions. Great as always.

  5. Would love to see one of Dr. Wily!

  6. Could Floss-Man be any more… weird than, I don’t know, Mr. Frosty from the Kirby games, who actually does show his butt?

  7. these have been on youtube for over a year…..

  8. Moviemantweeter1999

    The first costume idea from mega man that was censored was probably his man part(not the butt) all over him. That costume must have been nasty to look at and the cactus man must’ve hurt real bad. Great one as always and man who knew brentalfloss was such an idiot(besides him liking Russell crowe in led miserables of course).

  9. Two in two days after such a hiatus? Huzzah!

  10. worse part is these arent actually new these are the one from the dvds hes really going to end this off now huh im sad

  11. New Mega Man game? Ha! That’s funnier than this video.

  12. Oh my god he’s back! YAY! Hopefully this is a reoccurring thing, but if not whatever, still cool to hear from our favorite bartender.

  13. YAY! Finally! Another one of these! I these

  14. Brent new video “What if invisible man’s theme had lyrics”…………………………………………………………

  15. … 5 minutes of a cheap shot at Brental Floss and the fans of Megaman. 2 seconds of actual Megaman jokes.

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