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It’s that time of year again! Time to look at the madness of advertisements both old and new. Get ready for weirdness!

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  1. YOu know what this means?……COMMMMERCIAAAALS!!!

    • Yup, awesome. Though for some reason I wish for new Top 11 Villain Songs. Yes I know it would be mostly from MLP nowadays, but still.

      • As a fan of the ponies, I want to disagree. First off, there is not enough villain songs in it for that, including the movie. Second, I may not be keeping up with that many other shows, but I know of a few nice tunes from other villains in other shows and movies, which are modern.

        • Whats the use of feeling (blue)(steven universe) and I’m the bad guy (wonder over yonder) are 2 of my top picks immediatly then again my love for I’m the bad guy may come more from Caleb Hyles cover

        • Doug knows about MLP: FiM but he’s not a fan.

        • I didn’t said those should be only MLP songs (though I feel some bias regard this show here), just that it has many good songs: This Day Aria, Battle of the Bands, Under Our Spell, In Our Town, Unleash The Magic, Say Goodbye to the Holiday, We Will Stand For Everfree, and Open Up Your Eyes.

          And from honorable mentions: Bats, Light of Your Cutie Mark, Luna’s Future, A Changeling Can Change, and The Midnight In Me (that one could be debated as legit villains song though).

          Obviously, I wouldn’t mean inclusion of songs from other shows, just that classic Top-11 he made was before a new wave of villain songs, and many if them are as good as best old songs.

    • Now that the up/downvotes are gone. Now i can say what i really wanted to say instead of my last comment…..FIRST! 😛 ha!ha! till next year!


  3. time for my favorite episode of the year commercials

  4. This one’s my favorite of the commercial episodes.

  5. What’s wrong with the Muppets advertising British crumpets?

  6. O_O!!!!

    What the fuck Britain!?!? Pulling a gun on a dog!?!? If I was in Britain, I wouldn’t give you a pound! I’d give you a pounding!!! FUCK YOU AND YOUR ASININE PSA!!!

  7. Seriously, you’re not posting on vid.me anymore? What the hell, man?!

  8. prime-10@hotmail.co.uk

    Not as good as the other ones sadly. It felt a little underwhelming.

  9. I always felt sorry for the guy on the phone call in the milk commercial.

  10. Man I remember really wanting milk as a kid and then getting confused when it tasted bland and boring. Like….tv lied to me???

  11. Just so you’re aware, they remade that Got Milk? ad directed by Michael Bay, with Leslie Odom Jr. from the musical “Hamilton” playing the part of the history nerd. I guess the joke is “Leslie knows the answer because he played Aaron Burr,” which isn’t that funny, but it’s still the same commercial. Link below.


  12. lol i suggested that PSA. i can find another fucked up one for the next one lol

    • Can also throw him the other Ice Cream thing, as well as some of the weird things Sony has thought of, though, I don’t know if some of them count as nostalgic, they are still rather strange.

  13. Don’t know much about the British organisation, but the Australian RSPCA are a pretty great bunch of people. Unlike PETA, they save more animals than they kill, and they endorse the selling of meat and poultry so long as the animals were treated humanely.

    The Ozzinator isn’t helped by the fact it looks like something designed by H.R. Giger, an artist known for deliberate sexual imagery in his work.


      The British RSPCA are fine don’t worry.

    • The British one was the first, about 200 years old, from which the Australian one was inspired/founded from (says wiki!) It’s the biggest charity in the UK apparently, so yeah, the reason this was so funny (well, for ME anyway) because it is *utterly* out of character for the RSPCA.

      (The British – with a few exception (e.g. me) generally love their pets – we made fricking gas masks for dogs in WW2 for frack’s sake), which is why this being pulled is not a surprise.)

  14. So, did you just give up on Vid.me?

  15. First Kermit the violent drunk from the Muppets and then the murdered family from Pole Position?
    Critic? Uhm… Are you ok? Is there something wrong in home? Because there is help for people like you if you need it.

  16. Brit here. So thankful I was too young to remember that RSPCA advert because I get upset enough over the normal emotionally manipulative ones. We’ve had some pretty mentally scarring PSAs about railways (British transport films) and power stations (I think you might remember that one, Doug) that I still remember from school. They haunt me even now. Hell our modern ones are pretty fucked as well.

    • The ones that scared me as a child were either carbon monoxide or fire hazards. The crime PSA’s spooked me the most, because they really made criminals look like they were some unnatural demonic entity that was out to get you.


        I think the scariest ones were the child abuse Public Information Films.
        NSPCC made some messed up ones.
        Especially the infamous “Don’t Look” PIF.

        • I remember the one about fatal electricity hazards. There was one where a kid dies jumping a wall to get a teddy from a electrical generator and the tracker carrying hay and unable to see the low electrical wires that set everything alight.

          Honestly, they were good you didn’t forget


      The modern ones in the 21st Century are in my opinion a mixed bag. Some great, others very dumb.

  17. Ho, ho, ho! Merry Commercialmas!

    Yeah, I remember seeing the Super Smash Bros. N64 commercial, as well as being a bit confused of them beating the crap out of each other.

    Man, the “Got Milk?” ads are 90s classic. I remember being excited to seeing the newer ones, especially the Trix one. And, as usual, you over-exaggerate on the Michael Bay style. Please stop it. And you complain about Bay doing the same thing over and over. (Feel free to give me your thumbs down and replies saying I’m a jackass for defending Michael Bay.)

    Transformers, the Purr-tenders are not.

    The Muppets advertising crumpets make about as much sense as the Taco Bell Chihuahua catching Godzilla. Remember THAT commercial?

    Serious, Britain, why the hell do your PSAs have to be as dark as No Country for Old Men?

    I remember seeing the talking toy phones when I was little, but I thankfully never saw the commercials.

    I remember how “amazed” I was in these Tiger Electronics games. Thank Christ that years later, the Angry Video Game Nerd proved how STUPID I was.

    I remember seeing the Ball Buster commercial in The Cinema Snob’s review of Satan’s School for Girls whenever it gets to the commercial break fade out.

    Oh god, I remember seeing the Oozinator commercial on an episode of The Soup, and it’s hilariously gross.

    The Pull Position commercial is good, but not Star Wars on Atari good.

  18. Clockwork Orange Mario

  19. 5:43 And that guy became so despondent that he did a Pauly Shore movie.

  20. Dog PSA: National Lampoon’s did it first.

  21. YES! Thank you for including the Eliminator TS-7 Commercial! It finally made it in!

  22. I knew this was coming x3 And I was not disappointed xD Was epic and amazing to see the use of cutaways return again too ^^


  23. I never knew “got milk?” had such a history. O.O I never saw any of those commercials. Oh, and I don’t even know what the announcer in the Zellers Batman commercial was saying.

  24. I forgot Tiger Electronic Hand Held games existed until I watched the Angry Video Game Nerd. I consider that a goof thing. The Tiger Games aged badly.

  25. For the last skit, I was holding and waiting for the Killer Voice to ask for something to wash down the pie with at the end…but no milk. “Got Milk?” 😛


    Doug saying British Public Information Films are the New Canada is the best thing since I felt US and Canada PSAs were never scary.
    The strangest thing is at the end of the dog commercial (Which is baffling the RSPCA thought it was a good idea in the first place), it shows the address where the RSCPA was and I live close to Horsham. I always wondered why they never had much dogs until now. Those evil, evil people. Nice town to visit regardless.
    Doug has a lot of scary PIF’s to look over.
    That Fox Hunting ad will get him
    and this well you’ll see for yourself…

  27. Is it me or this episode was just eh?

  28. After this, I’m waiting for Critic to take on the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving…where we see Woodstock turn cannibal.

    Yup. Seriously.

  29. Hey, people like crumpets.

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