Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 36 – Warp Tour

Steven and the Gems get a visit from an unexpected green guest. Check out the Vlog on Episode 36 of Steven Universe: Warp tour

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  1. Things will be revealed in due time, but judging by the way Pearl doesn’t address Steven’s legitimate theory that the thing in the warp came from space, along with the way they are terrified of Peridot coming back, shows that the reason they didn’t believe Steven wasn’t because they were dumb, but they didn’t WANT to believe him. Sometimes the truth is so terrifying that it’s tempting to stick your head in the sand.

  2. I’m also not a fan of the “nobody believes the character we know is right” plots, though they don’t bother me quite as much as they do Doug, plus they at least humor Steven by checking on the warps instead of completely blowing him off.

    • Yeah, it figures. I was impressed that they avoided the whole ‘Michigan Frog’ trope back in ‘Mirror Gem’ when the Gems believed Steven about the mirror, even when it didn’t seem to be working.

      Only for the trope to be used in this episode. And while the ending does make up for it, and the Gems skepticism is understandable, I do find it a bit head-scratching when in ‘Space Race’ they were examining the Galaxy Warp to make sure none of the off-world warps were working. You’d think they’d have been a bit more concerned here, although they have shown a tendency to be rather short-sighted in some regards.

  3. All of the gems are technically genderless, just all of them so far go by she/her pronouns, this won’t be really addressed in the show, as far as we know, but the writers have confirmed they are genderless.

    • Sorry I forgot to add something, since the gems are technically just rocks they don’t the reproduction organs or breasts like humans have since they don’t need it.

  4. Wow. Having seen the latest episodes, there is some foreshadowing taking place here, about 40 episodes in advance…kudos, Rebecca Sugar, kudos.

  5. The gems don’t really have genders. but for they prefer to have female physical forms. But yeah Doug is catching on pretty quick about the show in the future.

  6. “It doesn’t matter. She’s NOT coming back!”

    This was around the point where I was convinced that the Gems were either fugitives or rebels. It was narrowed down even further after On the Run. With this show, it’s hard to tell by the description or beginning whether or not an episode will feature some sort of groundbreaking revelation.

    I pretty much expected that Doug wouldn’t care for the trope present in this episode, but that the reveal at the end would elevate it.

    • Generally speaking, the only way to know if an episode is going to be crazy or not when it comes out is to see whether or not they give a short preview for it (under a minute or so) that reveals nothing about the actual plot. Because THAT’S going to be the episode where crap goes down!

  7. All gems have female bodies, but they have no gender. They don’t reproduce, they are created. It will be explained how in an upcoming episode 🙂

  8. Gems have no social or biological gender. They just use female forms and pronouns.

    I’m sure literally everyone in the comments will be saying this, but, hey, can’t succumb to bystander syndrome.

  9. This is Peridot:
    The site has been compromised.
    She’s not coming back.

    I understand not being a fan of the “no one believes me” plot line, but I felt this one justified it pretty well. It gave this episode a loose Lovecraftian feel to it, in the sense that Steven had seen something terrible and was desperate to prove that he was right, to the detriment of his physical and mental health. In addition, Steven taking steps to prove that he’s capable of being treated like an adult with Gem matters and as a valuable part of the team will prove significant in upcoming episodes. Peridot’s design is wonderful, and the sense of menace she brings is very well handled. It’s important to remember that part of the reason Lion 3 was so cathartic was because it was the long-awaited payoff to seeds of mystery planted in the very first episodes of the show, over half a season ago. Setting up mysteries only to pay them off immediately cheapens them. Patience is almost always rewarded by this show in that regard.

  10. There are no men gems because gems are no genders. They are just rocks and see each other as rocks. Also remember garnet even said in a episode the forms you see arent real just an illusion. Garnet wasint trying to sound deep. That was actual information. Also glad peridot finally showed up. One of the most entertaining villains in the show.

  11. Next episode will blow Doug’s mind so hard. Alone Together is one of the episodes that has me pretty much calling some point in the series where Steven has to fuse with all of the humans of Beach City to over come some big threat. Or at least most of them

  12. If Steven’s Mother gave up half of her essence to make Steven, what happened to her other half, and does it have anything to do with Lion?

    • Er, no. Rose gave Steven her full essence, her entire gem. The other half of Steven comes, obviously, from Greg. Greg’s genetic material + Rose’s gem = Steven.

  13. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Technically Doug, you’ve never really seen a “female” Gem either… X)

  14. Oh man… Alone together is up next. Take notes Doug, for this will be on the end of season quiz lol ^_^.

  15. Does this mean he hates North by Northwest?

  16. Pretty soon, episodes like this one where Steven isn’t taken seriously as a member of the crystal gems stop. The main purpose of the first season is basically to establish the setting and characters. A member of the crew (I think the creator herself actually) said soon after the start of the second season that the real show starts now. Paraphrasing because I don’t recall the exact post.

  17. I guess that this was kinda Steven Universe’s version of “There’s something on the plane”. I can’t wait to see the next episode. 🙂

  18. Again he’s doing an competent vlog. Rob really does have a bad influence on him. Also Doug, this is one of the episodes that don’t end on a star wipe.

    Gems are genderless and there are feminime looking ones but quite a bunch of them have rather androgynous designs. Peridot for example: give her an male voice actor and no one would bat an eye because design wise she could be either male or female. Also, if you compare the Gems designs with the female humans of the show you’ll notice that the Gems have no boobs whatsoever… just wanted to point that out.

    Next epispode is gonna be… interesting. I’m really looking forward for his reaction to… that thing that happens there and I’m curious if he understands whats it about.

  19. I know a lot of people have already commented on the gems being genderless, but I wanted to add that they were given female appearances for a reason.

    That feeling and wondering where the men are? Women watching shows often experience that because unless a show is specifically targeting women, men usually outnumber women if there are any on the show at all. This is especially true of children’s cartoons, or at least it was in the nostalgic past.

    So, Steven Universe gives us a very limited number of male main cast members (Steven & Greg) while giving us a lot of powerful female figures (Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Connie) and because of this, any gem antagonists also appear female.

    I just figured it was worth commenting because you say it’s something you don’t normally pay attention to, but it’s nothing you’ve likely ever had to notice because the default is always a male. About the only other show I can think of that has a similar gender experience is How To Get Away With Murder. I can still remember replaying one scene over and over where the judge, the prosecutor, and the defense attorney were in chambers discussing the case and all of them were female. It actually struck me as something wrong with the picture, and then I realized how much I was used to seeing at least one man, usually 2 in such scenes. Or, you know, all 3 being men.

    Anyway, that’s just the kind of effect media has on societal perceptions.

    Since it’s a matter of nostalgia, I’ll leave you with this story:

    When I was a little girl, the only one near by to play with was the neighbor boy. We played a lot of He-Man and ThunderCats together. Most things he liked didn’t even have a girl in them, and things like My Little Pony were girl fare, so he didn’t play that. I was active and loved fantasy, so I adored He-Man and ThunderCats (I think Silver Hawks was in there too if you want some crazy nostalgia). Anyway, my options were to play Teela and get captured and then rescued or play The Sorceress and get rescued. Or play Cheetarah and obediently follow orders because I was the girl.

    When She-Ra came out, well, it was wonderful because I was tired of NOT being allowed to be the hero because I was a girl. We’d actually started having arguments over it, as children do, and tried to make up a female equivalent of He-Man, but that’s not the same as being the hero of a show.

    I would also watch reruns of the 1966 Batman hoping that today would be an episode with Batgirl. Yvonne Craig actually came to a convention in my home town when I was a child and I regret nowadays that I didn’t get her autograph.

    And there was always Uhura who never got to be in charge of the ship despite outranking Sulu and Chekov if I recall correctly. Though on rewatching the old Trek, I give them props for Uhura actually doing her own rewiring of her unit and being multilingual. At least there were some characteristics of being competent and independent.

    I suppose I’m rambling now, it’s just that I remember my childhood as an endless search for a powerful female role model because there were very very few, and those few I did have were often stuck in supporting roles. I think Wonder Woman is the only one left I haven’t mentioned because for the longest time she was the one and only default.

    Anyhoo, I’m happy that the next generation has such a diverse number of female characters to inspire them. And that Steven Universe in general is such a wonderfully diverse show in every way imaginable.

    • To be honest now and days strong female characters are becoming more common in all media be it cartoon,anime,comic,games and so forth. Yea you have your fanservice female characters,but its silly to think that will disappear. If anything the more rare type of character done well is the fat character. Since the fat guy is ether A)A villain usually disgusting B)A pervert/creep C) only there to eat D)to be the jokerster with jokes about being fat,eating or something else. If anything I give steven universe props for doing a fat character who isint just a giant joke and actually forming a relationship with someone. Ala steven and connie.

      • While I agree that strong female characters are more prominent in modern shows (heck, just look at Legend of Korra) and this is undeniably a good thing, I feel that Steven Universe takes it way too far.
        For example, look at Lars and Sadie:
        Lars is egotistic, cocky, lazy, and in general is an unlikable prick.
        Now Sadie, she’s hard working, helps everyone she can, tries her best to please everyone, and in general is a person you would want as a friend.
        The ONLY male character that I think is well rounded is Steven’s father… even Steven himself can be quite annoying at times. My biggest example is when he and the Gems make it home after the whole battle on the Gem Ship. Connie is worried sick about him, and he’s just “No. I don’t need to worry her anymore. I will just be alone from now on.” Like… shut up Steven. Stop being so over dramatic.
        The scene is followed up with the song Steven’s Lament, which— ironically enough— is one of the BEST moments in the series to me; but it still doesn’t make Steven any less of a situationally annoying character.
        I can go further by saying look at Mayor Dewy, Renaldo, and Onion to name a few… all characters that are just very hard to care for.

        This bring me to your comment on fat characters, and while yes Steven Universe has done well with it, I must point out that Gravity Falls— which is pretty much Steven Universe’s different-network cousin at this point- handles them a LOT better.
        You mention the archetypes typically associated with the heavy characters, and while Rose and Amethyst (to an extent) don’t follow those, Gravity Falls has Soos… who is the COOLEST dood you will ever want to meet.
        But here is the difference between Steven and the Falls: in the former, no one ever seems to acknowledge that they are on the heavy side… like, at all. To my knowledge I don’t think anyone has ever referred to Steven by his weight.
        Why am I even bringing this up? Well here’s the thing: This is a work of fiction, yes. But you want the world to be believable. And in a real world, people will mention your weight.
        HOWEVER before I get people mad at me, I mention this with a particular section from Gravity Falls: Soos is referring to a character that no one likes, and mentions how he called Soos “A pretty big dude”, to which Soos responded with “I mean, I know I’m a big dude, but, it still kinda hurt.”
        I enjoy this scene, because it acknowledges that Soos is— in fact— a big dude, but doesn’t completely shames him for it.
        Soos is constantly told how much of a cool guy he is, and how sweet and caring he is to those he cares about. Yes, he is fat. Yes, he and everyone knows it and accepts that, but they still love him.

        Anywho, this comment went on longer than I expected, so I’ll just leave this as it is.

  20. I can understand why Doug dislikes these kinds of plots, but personally I never really had a problem with them, wonder if that says anything about me.

    I never really thought there was a wedge growing between Steven and the crystal gems, what i did notice however is that Pearl has been acting increasingly less motherly towards Steven, which is something that started in space race but really came to a head in this episode.

    At the same time I’ve also noticed Garnet is becoming much more supportive and affectionate of Steven, its especially noticeable in this episode as she’s pretty much the only crystal gem who even considers the possibility that Steven is right.

    Because of that I kind of think that after this episode Garnet takes over Pearl’s old role of being Steven’s mother figure, although at times she feels more like an second father figure.

    Next up: Alone Together, because who doesn’t love some contradictio in terminis?

  21. I’d like to take a moment to bring something up that annoys me; Peridot should be pronounced pear-a-doe not Pear-a-dot. While I’m at it Lich should be pronounced “like”.

  22. I’m hoping they are staying for the credits. The music in the end-credits for “The Message” and “Political Power” gave me chills. That foreboding and unnatural static was awesome!

  23. I think Doug started watching the next episode and had to quit after he realized that Rob would be missing out on the 4th plot/continuity heavy episode in a row

  24. there ARE no male gems, in fact they are technically genderless, but coded female and use feminine pronouns. It has been said that Rose had to use her shape-shifting powers to form a womb for Steven to develop in. How gems normally reproduce will be mentioned soon, and it will fill in a lot of answers you have right now.

  25. This was a great episode and the dark scene of Steven almost dying was cool
    You probably don’t know how popular Peridot is and how cute she will be

  26. Do you even read this comments

  27. Samuel Alexander Vega

    Doug If you want to know more pay attention to the background, every time they go to a temple or find some sort of Gem related are you can see the story basically telling it’s self.


    Ronaldo is not a crazy as he seams.

  28. Ahhh the introduction of Peridot. She quickly became one of my favourites alongside Amethyst and Garnet, as far as Gems go.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing a male presenting Gem either, personally. Just to see what sort of design choices they would do with it! Gem shard chest ‘hair’.

  29. The gems are female. They identify as female, and that makes them female.

    Just to address the nonsensical, and probably cis-defensive comments here about how “oh they’re not really women.”

    Anywho, it’s funny seeing Doug talking about Peridot after seeing Peridot *now*.

    (Also, again: Star vs. The Forces of Evil vlogs, please)

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