Was The Mask Supposed to be Gory?

We all know the Jim Carrey hit film, but based on the original material, should it have been more blood hungry and savage? The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the original Mask comics.

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    • Great video as always Doug. My only exposure to The Mask franchise is the Jim Carrey movie, but with Deadpool and the upcoming Wolverine movie being rated R, now is the perfect time to do a bloodier reboot of the Mask. It doesn’t even have to star Jim Carrey.

      Hyped up for next week’s NC!


  1. hhmmm i hope he shall not take the job of Linkara or we getting “Captain Linkara Civil war” effect

    • I was thinking the same thing. Shouldn’t Linkara be doing this? I mean, he hasn’t even mentioned the Mask comics! This was still really nice. Your “Son Of The Mask” review is still great. This was quite insightful.

      • It’s very possible that the Mask comics are just not his thing. Besides, he seems to have a lot of stuff lined up for the months ahead anyway.

      • Linkara for his normal reviews tends to do a really in-depth, panel by panel look at things. This was more of a gloss over. Also, I think Linkara doesn’t like to do MA comics, except maybe for Longbox of the Damned?

        • It’s not necessarily a matter of the mature content, but the fact that they’re just good comics.

          Yes, he reviews good comics sometimes, but that has been in cases where there was something to talk about regarding the comic. Some controversy or historically relevant topic, or maybe that they’re just really, really weird. Sure The Mask is weird, too, but not quite in the same vein as some of the really out there and bizarre stuff he’s reviewed.

          Or maybe it’s just not on his radar since he specializes in superhero stuff.

          Either way, the most likely reason he would review The Mask, is if it were a Patreon sponsored review.

  2. It’s Party time! P A R T. Y? Because I gotta!

  3. I feel this may be in regards to Deadpool and Lobo as well, since both started out R-rated, but can still venture in media appealing to broader audiences.

  4. I Still waiting to see Doug do Star Wars The Clone Wars 2008 Movie that was released in Cinemas to promote the TV series! It be a great way to review the prequels without reviewing the prequels themselves? Okay, This is Confusing but not a lot of people talk about the film! interested in Doug’s Thoughts!

  5. Actually, the Joker/Mask series was surprisingly good! It probably isn’t the best of either series, but it did what it had to do: entertain two different audiences. And on that part I believe it delivered well.

  6. A;most wish that that level of gore still shocked me but I’ve read so many comic/manga series with way worse gore in even more detail than the Mask ever did. Goddamn normies.

  7. I’ve watched both the Jim Carrey movie and the animated series, and enjoyed the hell out of them. I was aware of the comics, but never read them. Also, I’m not that squeamish about gory comics. I mean they have gory stuff in Watchmen, and I never threw up because of it.

    I’ve actually seen a copy of The Mask and The Joker one day years ago at a book store.

  8. Funny, I actually read the first two volumes of the series several times over the years (First time when I was 10… yeah, my Dad had it and I read it when I wasn’t supposed to XD). And, I’ve always enjoyed both versions for wildly different reasons, but about as much.

    Stanley Ipkiss in the book is the story of a guy who was, before, a repressed but good guy whose entire psyche is screwed with thanks to the titular Mask, whereas the movie is a typical, though funny, underdog-to-hero story. I found the art to be really well put together, and Walter to be strangely intriguing for a character who we know nothing about and who never talks. I almost wish we could get another book of The Mask in-keeping with the spirit of the original, to explain what the hell he is. But part of me knows that’d probably be a mistake, to ruin the mystery.

    Thanks a lot for this video, NC. It was surprising to see you talk about these franchises like this, and you raise some good points.

  9. The comic actually does seem to be a better representation of what the series is trying to be, honestly. The concept is that this mask can turn people into real-world cartoon characters and, because they exist in our world, whoever’s wearing the mask has crazy powers and abilities. So it doesn’t REALLY make a huge amount of sense for other people to be able to survive the stuff the person wearing the mask does. It’s sort-of like Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, while you might not think much about it in the cartoons dropping a piano on someone or having someone who can just sprout hammers and stuff from their arms is actually pretty messed up and horrifying so, in the case of the comics, it makes sense for them to up the gore factor to bring that point home. This ISN’T just something like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, this is a crazy force of nature and illogical madness that takes you over and destroys everything around it using whatever joke or cartoonish trick it has to do so, which makes the acts all the more horrifying and twisted.

    Honestly, if they ever remade this series, it probably WOULD be a great idea to go with a more violent gory film because of that and I feel that the gamble of doing such a thing in the first place would ultimately pay off pretty well. Especially with the series constantly switching main characters, meaning if a remake did well and they could make more films then each one could follow a different character and tackle different dynamics and different issues as things progressed. So I feel like it would pay off and work pretty well.

  10. All I can think is that the movie’s sequel must have made the original creator sick. It remains one of the worst things ever put on film.

  11. Still cannot stand that Vessel watermark. Can you not turn it off? Any company so vain that they make their watermark so large and won’t hide it is a company I can’t help pay for.

  12. Please, PLEASE pick a different video site besides vessel. It is such hot garbage and has to buffer every 30 seconds, regardless of internet speeds. Makes watching your reviews a chore.

    • Or you could just pause for ten seconds at the start and not get a single buffer for the whole video. It’s definitely a lot better than the previous player that NC used. And anyway, you can watch all his videos on YouTube with one day delay if you prefer that way.

      • That literally does nothing. This is far from better than the last video player it had, at least it fucking loaded.

        • The Mysterious M

          Try it on different browsers. My primary browser is Firefox, but when I watched Screenwave and Vessel videos, it would always stop and buffer or slow down or even freeze. When I watch it on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, however, I don’t get that problem. Smooth, seamless playing from beginning to end.

  13. A wise person once said to me that “There is a difference between being a Fan, And being a Purist. A fan can live with new ideas and new concepts, But a Purist Insists that EVERYTHING Must be the same.” I believe the movie (and the cartoon to an extent) is a bit of a new interpretation of the idea. Which is kinda funny in hindsight since when the movie Was being developed, The first plan Was to make the comic. But the Director decided that this could actually make a good Comedy movie. Why the decision was made I do not know. But I will admit, that I’m glad they did. The best part of the differences between the two is that both of them are “Valid” in their own way. kinda like How “man of Steel” is another way to see superman (I make no comments on the quality of said movie, I did not come here to argue) Or how batman can be so many different versions at the same time. And I for one, Like the idea of having a multiple “versions” of something so there is room for everyone to get their own joy out of it.

  14. I f-ing love the “Mask” franchise, from the movie, to the cartoon, and yes, the comics. I own all the main Mask comics in the form of the Mask Omnibuses. Hell, I even own the “Adventures of the Mask” Omnibus and the trade for that Joker/Mask crossover you mentioned. So, when I saw that this would be your next video, I let out a squee of delight, and the video did not disappoint. It felt like a nice retrospective on the first four series’ and I liked the comparisons between them and the movie and cartoon. It felt very nice and shows a very unique difference between both. So, glad I saw this video and I can’t wait for the Phantom of the Opera review.

  15. I love the movie, but damn this comic looks so grotesquely bloody and gory, it sounds like something I should look into.

  16. That comic seems awesome ! Thanks for the reference !

  17. So, sometime last year, I got the urge to watch the film again, after seeing a Facebook post shared where, it showed production pictures and notes about the film’s development, and how it was meant to reflect the source material more than how it did turn out. So, then I became curious, and decided to find the original comic that the film was based on. From what I’ve found, there’s two collection books, that I believe are either both out of print, or the first one is and the second is not…. well, I can’t find the first one for less than $80 which is fucking ridiculous, but I was able to buy a new copy of the second for a LOT less than that.
    Anyway, I found a torrent that had both books and the comics they contained, and read all through the first book’s comics. All I can say, is that the original Mask comic, was a HELL OF A LOT better than the Jim Carrey film! Now, this is coming from a VERY big Jim Carrey fan, and I do still enjoy the film from nostalgia and my childhood. But in all honesty, I really wish to this day that it would get a remake, OR reboot, where the original source material was utilized to the fullest! And yeah, whether it would have Jim Carrey or not does not matter to me.

  18. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Holy shit that’s awesome.

  19. Heads up for anyone waiting for the next NC review: It’s a clipless review again.

  20. My avatar on the forums is the Mask head.

  21. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Eh really not that disturbing of a comic for me tbh but I liked how you compared the two that’s really cool

  22. lilith_ascennding

    Jesus Christ, I had no idea how fucking intense The Mask was. Guess second-grade me was right to be terrified of this franchise XD. If I couldn’t handle the slapstick Jim Carrey film, then there’s no way in hell that I can handle the comics (I definitely cannot handle the comics, I drew the body horror line at Junji Ito’s Tomie manga series and that was cutting it close. Seriously, blood and gore make me waaaay too squeamish).

  23. Glad to see he’s finally touched on this movie, but I’m surprised Doug is sticking with live action movies recently. He’s got a prime opportunity to get a head start on some bad animated flicks now that Bluth might be coming back into action.

    For instance, the film Happily Ever After was so bad it financially ruined Filmation, the company that made it. Which is weird since it had a bunch of well known actors/actresses and even had a video game made on it.

  24. 1) Ah ‘The Mask’. The movie that gave us Cameron Diaz.

    2) Considering how bloody and gory the comic is I’m glad they toned it down for the movie.

  25. Bitch, I read Attack on Titan and watched the uncut version of Deadman Wonderland. Nothing fazes me when it comes to blood and gore now.

  26. If Hollywood ever thinks about remaking the Mask, it would be kinda like the comics. Oh God. Would that ruin the original film for so many people?

  27. The Mask Comic ain’t got Shit on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. When people cut themselves in that, they get almost sexual pleasure out of it. It looked more gruesome too. That said, I honestly recommend it. It’s like Tarantino done by Japan. Go in blind if you can too.

  28. I remember they did the thing with the mask not working on Walter in the cartoon as well.

  29. I remember there was a thing in the cartoon that was kinda similar to the mask working on Walter. Stanley tried changing himself to be a more like his wacky counterpart (I think to try and win some lady over). He does pretty well but finds the Mask no longer worked on him. It was concluded that since the Mask brought out his wacky side, being that way normally meant there was no ‘other side’ to bring out.

    • *NOT working on Walter

      • I actually have a theory about why it didn’t work on Walter, assuming that these two things are true: the mask is still tied to Loki in some way and Walter’s past is unknown.

        What if Walter was the son of Thor? (not Marvel’s version the legit Norse god) Think about it, this would explain why he is so unaffected by pain and can’t seem to die, it’s because he is a demi-god. This might also explain why the mask didn’t work for him since Thor and Loki are enemies, so a tool related to Loki wouldn’t want to, or can’t, work for Thor or his children.

        Those are my thoughts anyway.

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