What The Hell YouTube? Part 2

We got our monetization back partially 4 hours after the video aired and fully this morning, but the biggest issue still persists. Communication! Where is it? Why can’t we get answers?

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  1. This is a big problem with corporations now a days. They could care less about anyone, until their image or a large part of their income, is in jeopardy. They’ll do and not do anything they want until someone or someones with a big enough piece of the corporations pie or a large enough voice call them out.

    I, like many others that have commented on videos like this, think about starting up a channel (I like old guns and want to share my knowledge) but then I see YouTube doing crap like this and I just think to my self that it would not be worth the hassle.

  2. I just want to give a huge congratulations to Doug and CA for getting their monetization back, although they still have to deal with the strike and lack of communication from YouTube.

    Doug, I know you’re trying to be humble and not accepting donations for CA itself, but if you ever decide to open a Patreon or a crowdfunding account, I’ll donate day 1.

    I wish you all luck fighting the copyright bullshit that still plagues YouTube. Things need to change for the better.

  3. Youtube is run by complete incompetents and cowards. They see your video calling them out on their bullshit and get scared, and restore all the things they refused to acknowledge for weeks. Seriously, it’s ridiculous.

    I’m sincerely glad you’re at least partially back for the moment, but man it’s gonna be a mine field.

  4. As someone who doesn’t create content for Youtube, I had no idea this was going on – I’m sure most people didn’t. In this age of information, keeping things under wraps is hardly going to reflect well on a company. In particular companies like Youtube that are at the forefront of social media need to be aware of what message they’re sending when they deliberately ignore their users for extended periods of time.

    It’s hard to consider this as a young adult, but Youtube truly isn’t a very old company, and it is important to keep that in mind. Still, what you said is true: these events can’t be swept under the rug no matter what the circumstances. It diminishes their trust and credibility, and shows a lack of respect to people like you who count on their services for a living.

    Fortunately for them, they’re at a point where they can afford to do this without dire consequences. But that’s where your message comes into play, that Youtube needs to be bombarded with fair but accusatory questions until the staff explain or apologize for what went wrong. Your initial video was proof enough that they have ears. There’s not much I can do but keep listening too.

    • I have content on Youtube and I have noticed that this happens more to people whose viewership and popularity are high. They get hit with “Content Trolls” who go nuts when a product is reviewed in the negative or they feel you’re taking eyeballs (viewers) away from them.

  5. i sure hope youtube realizes that just because they gave your monetizaiton back that it’s not the end of this. communication is essential no matter how big or small of a company you are.

  6. Wow, what a mess. O.O

  7. Was it just restored going forward or is it restored retroactively for the past 3 weeks?

  8. Yet noone learns a lesson: DON’T make your money with Youtube and then blame THEM for your mistake!

  9. So, who is YouTube’s competitor? Screenwave? There’s why this happens. Because they can. Because Fuckonami’s lawyers and algorithms are more scary to them than the people that they make their actual money from. (Partners, my left butt cheek.) Virtual monopolies don’t make for good capitalism, despite what the Rands of the world might think.

  10. I am glad that youtube has “fixed” things, but I do hope you do still keep up the fight of fair usage. It just sometimes feel that the big corps can do what they want because you are smaller and can’t possibly do anything to stop them.

  11. Wow, that was fast! I feel bad for not spreading the word. Well, I saw the video at least. So, they’ll be longer than 15 minutes now? I thought this was made because the first one wouldn’t be enough for one part. It couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes!

  12. The fact that you got your monetization back suggests that they’ve been listening all along and deliberately ignoring you until you released the video criticizing them, whereupon they pissed themselves in terror and fixed it right away in the cowardly hope that it would make you shut up. Fuck them. Keep up the fight.

  13. Not sure if you looked into it but see if you have a case for lost income/wages from this because the best way to try and get youtube to get their shit together is a lawsuit. See if you can set up a class action lawsuit so other youtubers who might have this experience get restitution. If nothing else you might get answers.

  14. I remember when The Last Airbender came out, Paramount was doing serious damage control to limit the amount of reach the negative reviews could get. They made bogus accounts on Rotten Tomatoes to be able to get the movie an 80% audience approval rating. They took down negative YouTube critique videos that happened to use a bit of footage from the trailer. I recall one was just an interview of audience members finishing the midnight premiere, taken down for a couple trailer clips. I thought it wasn’t right that there is no penalty for false claims like that. It’s not as though they accidentally loaded footage of the trailer into their system for automatic takedown; the video was up for several hours. They knew what they were doing, and it should be penalized.

    It’s unfortunate to hear that your videos lost monetization for the past few weeks, as I had been rewatching many older reviews on the YouTube channel for roughly that long. I will make sure that they count this time!

  15. I’ve had some of my stuff flagged but still within ‘fair use’ mind you. YouTube pays me Very little from what I hear it’s because of these flags on my content. In a span of 4 years I’ve just now seen $100, and even then they wanted to withhold that. Let’s face it, where there’s big money they make the rules. They will never be penalized because they’re making Lots of money for various people.

  16. I hate to tell you this, Doug and company, but one of the reasons I haven’t seriously started a review show is the fact there’s zero transparency with YouTube. ContentID is insane. And here’s the fact: it’s a monopoly. There’s no anti-trust laws against Google which has become a $40B company:


    And while it’s nice to say “go public”, but how many channels have 350K subscribers?

    What needs to be done is an anti-trust lawsuit. There’s sufficient evidence that Google has no interest in monitoring YouTube content. It’s too massive. They’d have to actually (gasp!) hire people to check content. It’s automatic.

    Did you know that ContentID is so robotic it’ll accept content claims on PUBLIC DOMAIN VIDEO? (See: NASA’s videos.)


    There is no such thing as “dialog” here, Doug and company. If you want to affect change, serve Google with an antitrust suit.

    Because here’s the thing: what alternative do revenue streamers have? BlipTV is gone. Vimeo was no better than YouTube when it came to content claims (Pixels, remember?)

    The fact is that they’re cheap. They don’t want to hire people to address content claims case-by-case. That would require thousands of people taking in tens of millions of salary. Google does NOT want to do that.

    I’m not in a position to sue YouTube and Google, because I haven’t started any show. Nor do I want to til there’s a safe revenue stream. That’s the way it is.

    It’s up to YOU.

  17. I wanted to let Doug and Channel Awesome know that I didn’t like what I heard about YouTube.

    I wrote about it here, in an attempt to get more press on it. I hope that it helps.


  18. For a “micro-Youtuber” like me it’s interesting to see that the “big ones” have the exact same Tuub-troubles as me.
    1. The algorithms YT uses to identify “similar or identical content” do not work at all. That can be, and has been, verified.
    2. Computer technology (of today) is generally unfit for the task of making copyright management decisions, because computers only can compare data. What they can not do (what every human being easily can) is to grasp the INTEND of a video. And as long as this is the case, the YT system will fail.
    3. The YT copyright management system does the exact opposite of what it should be doing (“copyright-fraud”): It punishes the original artists by taking away the rights on their very own intellectual property, and protects copyright-scammers by A) not punishing them for their scamming attempts, and B) not giving away the scammer’s exact identity.
    Inspired by Doug, I also did an article (in German) on that issue on https://commucon.wordpress.com/2016/01/31/die-youtube-diktatur

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