What The Hell YouTube?

Our last 23 days have been great! Unfortunately we have gotten no where with YouTube’s support system. 1 strike has disabled every feature on our account, the YouTube counter DMCA form was not only broken for us, but a different login to the account provided a completely different and WORKING form. Lot’s more in the video, and we’ll probably have another video or two related to this in the coming weeks about how broken the current system is.

Other’s Having Issues recently:

Alternate History Hub – Can’t monetize new videos, no reason why or any answers.

Eli the Computer Guy:
2 and a half year old video gets him a community strike and his appeal is denied.

I Hate Everything – Channel was suspended and then returned with no reasons as too why.

RiceGum – channel suspended and reinstated within a day.

Your Movie Sucks – always dealing with claims and strikes. Also, all around awesome guy who helped others during their Cool Cat issues.

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  1. Don’t even start me on Youtube. My very FIRST Let’s Play got a strike because Fallout 2 includes “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” — which it used with permission per the credits. It’s absolutely fair use, not to mention incidental use. Nonetheless, UMG slapped a strike on it.

    I appealed. UMG dropped it — then reapplied it under the name of a subsidiary.
    I appealed that, it was dropped, and then reapplied.
    And again.

    A goddamned YEAR LATER, I finally wrote a formal cease & desist to UMG, informing them that each re-application of a surrendered claim is a criminal act under US copyright law (Sec. 501 if memory doesn’t escape me). Each instance carries statutory fines and damages.

    Suddenly, they were so VERY reasonable, so very sorry, and I have never had problems with them again. I think I’m whitelisted.

  2. Because Google owns Youtube, contact Google, however you can, and do what you have to do to get them to clean house at Youtube once and for all.

  3. That’s something that really should be scary for just about all of us, even if we don’t do videos. What’s got me worried about this is that I do a more or less weekly webcast that I sometimes do as a video rather than just audio, and because I can’t really afford to pay for long-term hosting on uStream, where I stream from, so I put the video up on YouTube the day after for people who might want to watch a given video after the month that ustream gives me is up. Sometimes I talk about TV shows or movies I’ve watched recently and if I liked them or not. This last week, I talked about the new X Files miniseries after I’d seen the first couple episodes on DVR at my folks’ house. Now I guess I have to worry about if YouTube’s gonna take the video, or even my whole channel, down because I do things like that from time to time. That’s more than a little scary. I hope they get themselves straightened out soon.

  4. I’ll continue to support your videos and post comments on your reviews. If you do get a chance, check out my videos on my YouTube account. I hope you can win your battle with YouTube and I will continue to express my passion through my reviews. You are an inspiration to not just me, but other online critics.

  5. They are owned by comcast.

  6. You know, after seeing this video and all the shit that has been going on for the past few months, I think we can all forgive the clipless NC reviews.

  7. Doug, why not do Patreon or Kickstarter & host the videos on your own site?

    You could have Patreon subscriptions (with special perks or incentives offered). WoWInsider (now BlizzardWatch) did this when AOL shut them down — and they came back bigger than before, getting enough support to offer salaries to their staff (and to finally bring back staff that had been let go during the AOL cutbacks in years prior).

    DO IT. I know Linkara goes through Patreon to help fund his vids. If you have 3 million subscribers via YouTube…man. Just imagine if folks contributed just $1 a month for your awesome content…

  8. I’ve been watching this thing go down with Adam from YourMovieSucks.org (who has repeatedly pointed out that what they’re doing is illegal under copyright laws) and Alex from IHE recently. And with them also announcing Youtuber names being affected, it looks like this is escalating much quicker.

    Before Doug made Nostalgia Critic a household name, he was That Guy With the Glasses who made 5 Second Movies. Youtube copyright claimed a mass majority of those videos, then Doug tried to bypass that system by giving each video their own channel. We had witnessed reviewers like himself (with Angry Joe playing a prominent part) protest SOPA. SOPA did not pass, so why is Youtube/Google taking action as if it has?

    You as content creators are getting screwed around with (yet disgustingly enough, channels like SoFloAntonio and Jinx are unaffected, and their channels are just them watching OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT AND MONETIZING IT!! Seriously, what the FUCK Youtube bots??). With Grade A Under A suddenly getting a boom in popularity, I hope he speaks out about this problem. And I hope that a class-action lawsuit is possible. You guys are getting your chains jerked around.

  9. Sorry to hear that, hopefully you’ll get this sorted soon.

  10. It baffles me how something as big as youtube is so shoddily built.

    All I can really advise is start up a patreon or something. And ditch youtube when something else inevitably pops up to cash in on youtubes failings.

  11. I really feel for you guys, but I have to wonder what you expected from youtube. There’s not way I would have used them if there was literally any other way of hosting them.

    Seriously guys, why don’t you get your own video system installed? Just looking online I saw several.

  12. YouTube was always in favour of corporations and kind of abusive in it’s systems. Not long ago they took steps to remedie that, including a statement in which they offered legal help to falsely accused youtubers.

    This seems like a technical screw-up, resulting in those companies, using ID content and claims to abuse power (Japan very much likes to do that) getting a free road

  13. My god… The Algorithm is SkyNet!

  14. As I always say: if you don’t like something, don’t use it, find an alternative or make your own solution.

  15. This has been almost the norm for smaller channels for YEARS now, if not a decade.

  16. What Youtube is doing and way they are handeling this is bad for business.

  17. Reddit is absolutely furious about it, almost as furious as they are at the Fine Bros for trademarking the word “React.”

  18. Some things that may help with copyright strikes:

    – Avoid trailers. Most of our issues have come from using them.

    – don’t make the image fill the screen. Put something behind the image or video to fill the rest the space.

    Those are a few ways we try to stay away from copyright. It may not avoid it but it has helped us so far.

  19. Not sure if you looked into it but see if you have a case for lost income/wages from this because the best way to try and get youtube to get their shit together is a lawsuit. See if you can set up a class action lawsuit

  20. There is a court case in the works that so far indicates that copyright holders have to consider fair use before issuing a DMCA takedown notice, or they open themselves up to a lawsuit.


    Lenz v. Universal Music Corp. Universal issued a takedown of a 29-second video of a baby dancing to Prince. The parents sued. Still in the appeals process, but given that the ruling that they have to take fair use into account before a takedown was upheld by the 9th Circuit Court, the case is going well for YouTubers.

  21. jeez, what a way to run a railroad youtube…They have seriously got to put more humans on their staff over at google, they seem to think that these algorithms of theirs are like Asimov style robots.

  22. And now youtube dismisses contracts with different monetization organizations without explaining anything and telling about these to youtubers who participate in these monetization programms

  23. Hey look! A dead horse! Let’s beat it!
    Seriously, we get it. Youtube sucks. Nothing new here.

  24. Vlogs, real thoughts, and bum reviews don’t even use clips! I was wondering why you weren’t making new videos of those. I don’t make money off my videos anyway. Most of my videos are just clips of you! I guess I’m in danger, then. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  25. dammit youtube don’t be that guy no one likes that guy

  26. As some has said make your own hosting site but put announcement video’s on youtube with a direct link in the description. Than the viewers can still use youtube to stay up to date and know when their favorite ‘youtuber’ has made something again without the risk of being taken down.

  27. I haven’t researched any alternatives myself very thoroughly but isn’t LiveLeak or Vimeo a viable option or don’t they allow you to monetize the videos? Or are there other reasons why that doesn’t work?

  28. Doesn’t Channel Awesome make money off the other presenters all the time and not pay them?

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