Without Warning – Brandon Tenold

Jack Palance & Martin Landau battle an alien hunter and mid-life career slumps in the 1980 sci-fi movie “Without Warning”.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    2:04 – At least that dog didn’t pop up out of a bush and start laughing at him. (hate that dog!)

    The alien thing looks like a cross between Starro and those brain cell things from Star Trek.

    “BEEF JERKY IS PEOPLE!” – Johnny Bravo.

  2. Oh damn…this was 9 years before Outlaw of Gor?

    I thought with his gig on the Ripley’s show, the 80s had been a lot kinder to Palance. Either way, he really owns whatever scene he’s in.

    Also, my nitpick: When they jump off the bridge, Sandy’s hair is dry in the next scene, now I know when you have hair that long it takes forever to dry.

  3. Little Trivia: Famous Predator disc weapon wasn’t in fact from Predator but 90’ties movie Dark Angel (quite decent). But idea fit the Predator and was adopted to him in the games.

  4. The Movie Explorer

    I am so glad that Palance getting bonked in the head with falling pieces of scenery made it into this episode. The Skin-Bracer commercial was the icing on the cake. The only thing that could possibly have made this review more entertaining would have been the “Fidel Castro amateur dentistry” scene from Che! Well done, Sir.

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