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The Cinema Snob reviews the 1974 Made for Television Wonder Woman movie.

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  1. Ricardo Montalban is awesome and he surely made this one better.

  2. “The Goddess Isis.”

    Does anyone else remember that show? I remember thinking she was hot. (I was only 6 years old at the time.)


    No, that’s too easy. Need a more obscure Ricardo reference. How about, “I’m Not The Weenie! YOU Are The Weenie!”

  3. 6:28 Doesn’t matter, Argoman’s got em both beat on that score.
    7:25 I would probably just answer ‘Try to aim for the pool then.’

  4. I was wondering if this was gonna be the Wonder Woman movie you were gonna review, because the combined powers of Nash, Linkara, and Film Brain already took care of the unreleased TV pilot from 2011 starring Adrianne Palicki, who later found success as the hero Mockingbird in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    1:25- At least it makes sense for the Wonder Woman solo movie coming out next year to take place during World War I, because Ares, Wonder Woman’s biggest villain, is the God of War.

    7:15- Am I the only one thinking of Karate Girl during this review just now?

    The Wonder Woman costume in this film is about as cheap as Reb Brown’s Captain America costume.

    15:13- I was gonna say the Donkey was going to meet the Adam West Batman in the Batcave, but the Hercules joke is better.

    21:48- That photo is actually of Erica Durance in the Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman suit in that episode of Harry’s Law.

  5. “Pineapple Upside-Down Cake martini”?

    That can’t be a real thing.

  6. Snorgatch Pandalume

    I remember seeing this when it first aired (I was 11) and thinking: “That’s not Wonder Woman.”
    To be fair, I do like the costume. It’s not Wonder Woman, but it does look cool, like something the U.S. women’s volleyball team would wear at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. The movie itself is a silly, harmless little piece of fluff, and Ricardo Montalban is, of course, wonderful. I can’t help but wonder if they based Mr. Roarke’s look on Abner Smith.


    Million Dollar Duck? No wonder it stinks…dang…..

    1:46 with afros!!!

    How come you didn’t review ‘Who’s Afraid of Diane Prince?’

    Great review and….(triple bear hug) ….hang in their…. 🙂

  8. Oh and the constent ad breaks annoyed me

    19:27 oh, you’re so sweet!! 🙂

  9. A villain played by Ricardo Montalban fighting Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman would’ve been awesome, I think.

  10. IIRC they used the Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman for a storyarc in the Wonder Woman 77 comic series

  11. God, this is bad….

    nowhere near as bad as the movie is no doubt gonna be.

    The true Wonder Woman is LYNDA CARTER!!! Lynda forever!! Accept no substutions!!

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good review and i myself don’t like wonder woman’s blonde hair and I dont lke like how your title card artist painted hair black when it was clearly blonde(faithfully Brad I am ashamed of you letting him do this but I understand you guys miss llher black hair and couldn’t imagine it being blonde so I guess in the end I’ll give you props for making it black. This is weird cause they clearly had wonder woman but the donkies more important to them I guess(and I don’t blame em wonder Donkey Go!!!)

  13. The movie leans a bit more towards the non-powered Wonder Woman of 1968-1973, where she relied more on martial arts and didn’t have costume.

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