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The world seems to love it, but can the Nostalgia Critic find some humorous flaws to break through those armor bracelets?

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  1. Wonder Woman showed you don’t have to make women all superior or better than men or even make women think are less than men. The movie was fun, thrilling and FUCK BEYOND ALL, THAT THEME MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL AND MY BALLS BULG! THIS MOVIE WAS AWESOME AND THAT THEME WAS GODLY!

  2. I like tradition so in this case I’m okay this clipless review on another DC movie. I don’t mind CGI. I usually can’t tell the difference between CGI and practical effects. I love the acting even the corny villain acting. The action scenes were good. I love the new Wonder Woman theme. I like the old-fashioned setting. If it had an after-credit scene, it would be perfect. Also, was that tattoo real?

  3. I’m afraid I must disagree with your characterization of Sir Patrick. While he wasn’t intimidating in the visceral sense, I don’t think that that was what his character was meant to be about. You didn’t mention how throughout the movie he’s constantly advocating for peace while authoring the Armistice. He helped WWI become the bloodbath that it was, and paved the way for the horror that was WWII. His character also ties in with Diana’s character arc, because he solidifies the ambiguity of war and helps to shatter her belief that war is fought between good and evil.

  4. Doug’s attempts at being ‘awesome’, as he puts it, are stale and predictable. I did like the positivity, though.

  5. I’m not going to lie…I didn’t expect a Wonder Woman movie to be any good…and then this movie amazed me. I never had any interest in Wonder Woman, and now I kind of do. I mean, if I ever decide to check out any DC related comic series it will probably be Batman, but WW is probably now my second favourite DC superhero, which I never thought would happen. Also, yes, she is one of few good things about Batman vs. Superman, which is weird since we didn’t watch that movie for WW.

  6. i been thinking….did they make the other DC movies bad on purpose to make Wonder Woman better? Wonder Woman is an okay movie but it looks like a masterpiece when compared to its peers. all it had to do is tell a cohesive story without being too contrived

  7. I think if you cut out the beginning and the end of this movie, you probably have a decent film in here. But the opening is slow with what feels like 3 different expositions dumps on you, and the ending is a titanic mess of CGI and Bad Dialogue it just ruins it all for me. (Oh yeah, someone needs to tell them that the Nazi’s were in World War 2, not world war 1, it’s odd to see the films only real bad guys being The Germans. Surely there should be some at least some good guys on the German Side and some bad guys on the English one, someone other than the God of War himself at least).

    I also don’t like how the one bit of the film that people did like (No Man’s Land) was apparantly something the director had to fight to get into the film as Warner Bros. Execs were originally going to cut the film not seeing the point of it. Yeah, they thought the one good scene of the film did not need to be in the film (Something about “how many bullets can Wonder Woman fight or something similar). Boy does that fill me with hope for your Justice League movie. That’s still on track to be one of the messiest films of all time. I just can’t see them doing introductions to Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash as well as the Villain Steppenwolf, oh, and somehow get Superman Alive in time for the final act as well. That film is not going to work at all.

  8. So I’ve gone and seen this movie twice, and I will admit it was a decent movie. It portrayed the characters well, told an origin story of a popular character we’ve never seen before, and played in a way I didn’t always see coming. But I will also admit that it had some issues, one of which was the obvious ending, which was so easy to spot. With this, I’d rate this around the same as Iron Man 2, a fun watch, but not the greatest in terms of superhero films, so hopefully we’ll get another one.

  9. Don’t have to go all the way back to Donner Superman, Captain America is 100% that kind of hero. It’s always about doing what’s right and taking care of the helpless.

  10. Was never really a Wonder Woman fan, although I did enjoy her portrayal on the justice league cartoon. Anyway, glad this movie is doing well.

  11. Why do they mock so many DC troopes but don’t tear apart marvel for releasing Iron Man 20 times with different coats of paint? I get it, Transformers is unreviewable by the critic and so it would be impossible to review all Marvel movies. But at least give some of them the thrashing they truly deserve. Going after DC is just such an easy target, DC is the weaker movie universe to be sure but that shouldn’t give Marvel a pass.

  12. Really liked the movie. Just some small nitpicks. Like, if you have gas that’s corrosive enough to actually break glass do you really need it to go through the mask to be effective?

    David Thewlis as Ares was hillarious.
    The no mans land crossing was awesomely epic.
    Oh and let us all rejoice that we were spared the “A portal in the sky” climax.

  13. a blond american soldier named Steeve (played by a guy named Chriss) sacrifice himself by piloting a plane with a deadly cargo,
    away from populated areas……..

    this seems familiar

  14. Hey, NC, I am glad that you liked that scene where Wonder Woman decides without any gritty backstory or dark tragic event to go out on that battlefield and save an entire village of people. That was my favorite scene in the movie too, and when I saw it, I appeared to be smiling, like so happy inside. I understand your complaints about various elements in the movie that you like to make fun of and talk about, though I do not prefer to think about those. If Mom asks me what I thought of the movie after seeing it, most likely she wants positive feedback. I often tell her, yes, I liked it, which is what I told her. She grew up with the old 70s Wonder Woman TV show, so she would enjoy it. I went to see this movie because of the Rotten Tomatoes rating. For the most part, I liked it. I’ve been seeing okay, average, bad ratings here in the comments, yet even with blockbusters, I always sense a formula, or elements that I may have seen in other movies before. I didn’t mind here, because I thought Wonder Woman acted so cool in an old fashioned time period.

    Half of Dr. Poison’s face is covered? Wrong! It is 1/4 of her face. In your Phantom of the Opera review, that lady playing the person that got abducted by the Fandumb of the Opera admitted that the Phantom had 3/4 good looks. You must have rushed out a little.

    You use Adobe Premiere Pro? I use Adobe Premiere Pro, too. We’re both on the same boat of our preferred NLE!

  15. I just got home from watching it. I liked it, but not as much as I liked Captain America: The First Avenger. It was very difficult for me to not compare these two throughout the movie.

  16. I couldn’t fully enjoy the movie for one reason alone. Gal Gadot’s political views. She is full support of the death of Palestinians due to her serving in the Israeli army. So its very awkward to watch her be upset when she can’t save everyone in the film, when she would gladly let a culture die in real life.

  17. Personally I loved it. I really hope the next movies will follow the right path as well and keep improving.

  18. I can honestly say I was NOT expecting a Wonder Woman review so quickly after the Suicide Squad review.
    I figured the review of this would be somewhere in September.
    Good on you guys 🙂

  19. Yeah, an “Emoji Movie” joke! I’ve been waiting so long for one of those. I guess you won’t do a real thoughts on this one. You already did Sibling Rivalry. Your anniversary review will be “Norm Of The North”, right? Wow, you filmed this clipless review pretty quickly.

  20. Great review that explores exactly what I feel superhero films have been missing out on…and how Wonder Woman brought it back. So great to know that someone else shares my opinion!

  21. I do agree this is the best DC movie. But that really isn’t saying much. To me this was a war movie that happened to have Wonder Woman in it. Not a Wonder Woman movie that is set in a war. Captain America was a Captain America movie that was set in the war. Also Chris Pine to me was just him playing Kirk.

  22. Actually the “Lie Detector” officially called the Polygraph intent on measuring human blood pressure and pulse rates was only co-invented by the writer of Wonder Woman William Moulton Marston (1893-1947).

  23. It was actually invented by one John Augustus Larson (1892-1965). Read Wikipedia articles to find out the full details.

  24. On the lie detector thing, the inventor regretted its invention, and it’s really not effective, there is reasons it’s not used in court.

  25. I love you work Doug. But please never start a Patreon, I don’t want to see you end up like Spoony.

    • The Real Silverstar

      That’s right, because one person with a history of personal issues misuses his Patreon account, that automatically means that no one else should ever consider starting one. Patreon is like reefer; it’s a gateway to self-destruction. No human being can properly handle a Patreon, except for, you know, the many, many other creators who have Patreons and use them responsibly with no issues whatsoever.

      Seriously, man, I challenge you to make less sense.

  26. Completely agree with NC.I loved the entire movie and thought it was amazing…until the villain was revealed. I was ok with it at first because I assumed he’d transform…but after he transformed and still looked like that skinny old white guy, I just COULDN’T take him seriously. At one point when he took off his helmet and that mustache was flapping in the wind, I literally started laughing during what was supposed to be the intense final battle scene. It was the only part of the movie I didn’t like. Ares is a war god. Why the heck didn’t they make him look like a war god?!

  27. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great NC episode as always.

  28. I really liked this movie though personally not a fan of flash back movies, but it pulled it off well and I slowly became enveloped into the film.

    Yet I ended up having to defend it against a group of middle aged women who proclaimed the film to be terrible because it was poorly framing women, what really annoyed me though was not only, was the argument based on comments about the film, and they had not seen it, but trying to defend it they were so narrow thinking and opened their opinion while removing mine, and what hurt most was how much I felt penalised for being a man.

    These were thinking and intelligent people acting on someone elses opinion and proclaiming it as their own while denying mine or i’m sure anyone else who felt differently. It felt so anti-progressive to hear people talking out of progressive feminism while their words felt to be worsening their cause rather than aiding.

    Wonderwoman is Iconic, and I think above all, something to cherish because unlike other heroes, she has stood the test of time and remained a commonly known superhero. It just upsets me that for the many good things that this movie and this icon has done, so many are blinded.

    Thank you for listening, has anyone else had this issue?

    Natura Wolf

  29. DeTroutSpinners

    Got to love how you said you were going to stick to the movie and not talk about politics, then within a minute made a completely out-of-context ‘joke’ about Donald Trump that also suggested the electoral college should be disbanded. Never mind that Clinton’s ‘win’ was based on the disproportionate, mostly cosmopolitan California and New York elites while Trump won over 90% of all counties in the US, thus proving that the college works. Somehow I doubt you’d be complaining if it had been the other way around.

    I’m getting tired of having to say it, but nobody cares about your weird liberal grandstanding, especially when it’s irrelevant to the rest of your work. It usually detracts from the product and in many cases is far more offensive and unjustified than what you think you’re resisting. You’re a film reviewer and a comedian, not a political commentator. Political correctness and social justice are not cool, in fact they’re now pretty much the quickest route to irrelevance. That’s especially true when those values are clearly being applied inconsistently, hence your constant claims of racism while repeatedly making racist non-sequitor stereotypes about white people to deal with your self-loathing. Projection and virtue signalling are not things to be proud of. At least you do the charity shoutouts which do genuinely help people and are much more than most SJWs do, but the rest is still tedious and honestly pretty hard to watch at times.

    I’ve financially supported this site for many years and been a fan of your work for nearly the entirety of your NC career, but seriously Doug, this crap needs to end.

  30. 18:25 “by laying low in France for 100 years.”
    Doug: Wait, what??? You did nothing for 100 years??
    Tamara: Yep.
    Doug: What about Hitler and the genocide??
    Tamara: Don’t care.
    Doug: What about 9/11??
    Tamara: Don’t care.
    Doug: What about Zod destroying Metropolis??
    Tamara: Don’t care.
    Doug: Gee, thanks a lot, Wonder B#@%$#@!!!!!

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