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Since the release of it’s trailer, people have gone nuts with hating this film. Well, Nostalgia Critic takes a look and sees if it’s worth all the hate.

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  1. Guess who? Heh heh heh heh! ^_^ i miss this cartoon.

  2. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    I thought the Emoji Movie was more bearable. To me, this had all the hated clichés of the Smurfs, Garfield Alvin, and Yogi Bear live action movies, mixed in with other bad clichés. And the band’s music choices are Surfin Bird (especially groanworthy a choice) and What I Like About You? Laaaame

    I didn’t watch much of the original Woody Woodpecker cartoons growing up. When I watched Niagara Fools, which was attached to the end of this movie (even on Netflix), I wasn’t all that impressed by it.

    I do appreciate Eric Bauza getting such prominent billing though. He seems to be a pretty cool guy and he’s racking up animation roles all over

    • But I need to admit that his backstory is good. If Woody is in fact a deity that would explain all his artifacts, including that some people may seam him in different way then others. But shamefully everything else is forced and contrived as hell, that it look like cherry on the turd anyway.

  3. Hey guys, if you can get NC to review this with a bunch of requests, can you all request he review OLD movies again? Yep, I’m turning into one of Those People who wants the Nostalgia Critic to actually review something – you know – nostalgic.

    • TheListenerCanon

      To be fair, at least he’s doing stuff that’s related to nostalgia.

    • TheListenerCanon

      But I do miss the old nostalgic films he did.

    • The Real Silverstar

      I honestly don’t care how old or new the movies Doug reviews are. It’s been years since The Review Must Go On; the time frame thing really isn’t an issue to me personally. If he only covered a single era, then in time he’d run out of subject matter and it would just get boring, IMO. It’s the connection to beloved characters, actors and properties which keeps the stuff Doug covers nostalgic.

  4. I wonder if Critic will ever review Gepetto starring Drew Carrey? That’s an infamous one I’m shocked he’s never reviewed.

    • I’ve seen that movie, and it’s only because it’s been mentioned a lot on Whose Line Is It Anyway, and that one April Fools Episode of The Drew Carey Show. I think Doug will review Gepetto for Disney-Cember when he reviews some made-for-TV Disney films, which also includes the 1997 version of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella starring Brandy and Whitney Houston.

  5. TheListenerCanon

    Doug, whether you are an asshole to your members or not (I know you’re at least nice to your (non-member) friends, family, and fans), I don’t care, I still find your videos entertaining. Worst comes to worst, if CA does come to end, there’s always Vimeo and YT. One of my favorite musicians was Ritchie Blackmore and I heard he’s not a nice guy. Honestly, I do think it’s all Michaud, but I know he owns the rights so…yeah

    Anyway, you, Smosh (well, at least when Anthony was on the show)*, Ryan Higa, Rhett/Link, and of course, James/AVGN/Cinemasscre are my favorite YouTubers/internet people. And ERB, but they haven’t done anything in a year.**

    *= To be fair, I still watch both Smosh and Anthony’s channel, but when he left, it did decrease the quality slightly despite the bitching of the added cast members. Wow! That could apply here too.

    **= I don’t think they’re retired, they’re still working on another season.

    • I’m also still gonna watch Doug Walker’s videos regardless of what Channel Awesome has done to its previous producers. If it weren’t for CA, not only would I have known about The Nostalgia Critic, but also Linkara, The Cinema Snob, Phelous, Obscurus Lupa, and so on.

      • TheListenerCanon

        Exactly, sometimes I feel like people are overexagerrating. This isn’t a case of rape or murder.

        Honestly, I don’t know 100% went wrong. No way I’m reading that fucking 60 page document as whole. I did skim it, but to best of my knowledge, it seems to be more of a case of mismanagement. And to be frank, I don’t know why all of sudden people decided to speak up. I think it started when he had million subscribers on his channel or a little after. I mean, I’m not saying that I’m right or that it’s all lie, but it just seems kind of coincidental is all.

        Doug and Rob are cool dudes (to his fans at least). This isn’t Hollywood.

    • I don’t think that these recent departures are going to kill Channel Awesome, but if CA gets a reputation for mistreating it’s producers who aren’t Doug Walker, there won’t be as many people wanting to join.

      It seems evident that Mike Michaud was/is primarily only interested in Doug’s videos, and Doug has since turned over the rights to the Nostalgia Critic and all related characters, therefore, Doug can’t leave and take the Critic character with him, and it would be insane to try and recast the character. I’m pretty sure that at this point in his career, Doug doesn’t want to start over. I think it’s safe to say that Doug and Rob won’t be leaving anytime soon.

      Basically, the new NC videos are the only reason to come here now. Everyone else whose videos I follow are no longer here, except for Brad Jones, Tony Goldmark, Joe Vargas and Eric Rodriguiez, and I can easily watch their videos on YouTube and/or Patreon (or on their own sites, in the cases of Brad and Joe).

      • I forgot to mention the videos that Doug does with Rob, like Sibling Rivalry, Real Thoughts and First Viewing. I’m enjoying those videos more than new NC videos, to be honest, and I can always watch them on YouTube.

      • The Real Silverstar

        “I don’t think that these recent departures are going to kill Channel Awesome, but if CA gets a reputation for mistreating it’s producers who aren’t Doug Walker, there won’t be as many people wanting to join.”

        Word. When I first began considering making videos, it used to be a dream of mine to one day be part of Channel Awesome, now after all these horror stories and departures of some of my favorite internet personalities, I’m not so sure. Phelan and Allison were and still are 2 of my favorite producers, and I never fully recovered from them leaving, especially under such nasty circumstances. Now, Linkara’s gone, Mike J’s gone, Diamanda Hagan’s gone, Dena’s gone, Suede’s gone, CR’s gone, Rap Critic’s gone, Todd in the Shadows is gone, Lotus Prince is gone, and now Mathew’s gone. That’s a lot of talent leaving all at once.

        I think the basic problem with CA (aside from the obvious X-factor that is Mike Michaud) is simply that the site got too big too fast and expanded itself beyond the point where it could be fairly managed. When CA was still ThatGuyWithTheGlasses things were seemingly better, since there weren’t as many people on board and communications between producers seemed to be more open and transparent. When CA became a corporation, things started going south.

        It would be funny–well, not ‘ha-ha’ funny, but kind of ironic–if some of these former CA producers got together and formed their own site a la Manic Expressions. (In a sense, this has already happened: Phelous.com.) If such a venture were to be tried, my advice would be to keep it small and intimate, as that seems to be one of the main problems facing CA right now. Just keep it a small clique of friends who like to post videos about the stuff they like and occasionally collaborate with one another.

        • When did CR even leave? He stopped posting basically anything ever but they didn’t kick him despite going months at a time between videos. Basically ever since season 3 of MLP when he did a complete 180.

      • TheListenerCanon

        Honestly, I don’t think CA would die soon. It still has over million subscribers (although that could die out and I somehow doubt that would be less than that it). The thing is, those are just that of claims. I’m not saying they aren’t true, but it’s sometimes hard to believe these things when you say these thing rather than show us.

        I’ve seen the behind the stuff of some of their stuff, and it doesn’t seem very argumental.

  6. MiscellaneousSoup

    I almost want to see it.

  7. How could Eric Bauza and Scott McNeil waste their talent on a live-action adaptation when they could save it for something animated. I can easily see Scott working as The Walrus.

  8. I’ve heard last year that a Woody Woodpecker movie was coming out, but I never saw a trailer or a TV spot for it. And now I know from both this and Wikipedia that it was released in Brazilian theaters. Weird.

    I wish this WAS the Dark Universe.

    3:03- That burp was as pointless and lifeless as the Wilhelm Scream from the Yogi Bear movie.

    8:41- If I want a dark backstory involving animated characters, I’ll stick to the one of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In speaking of which, would someone PLEASE drop a piano on Woody’s head!?

    9:26- I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie took place in the same universe as Baby Huey’s Great Easter Adventure.

    I actually remember watching Bear in the Big Blue House when I first got the Disney Channel regularly.

    This version of Woody Woodpecker would harass people more than the management of Channel Awesome.

  9. My god, this movie is bereft of charm and humor. How could they do that to one of animation’s classic toons? Oh right, b/c money tells them to fuck off.

    And as my say on the CA drama, I’ll still continue to watch Doug’s videos as a gesture of support for his content. I will not however condone the upper echelon’s management of everything else. That’s it.

  10. Here in Brazil Woody Woodpecker is still a huge property – mostly due to broadcast syndication.
    The old cartoons keep rerunning endlessly every time some network has some vacant slot, and to be completely honest, with some of the programs on public network, it is a better show to watch.

    • Thiago de Oliveira Xavier

      Yes, and the villain’s girlfriend is a brazilian actress, Thaila Ayala.

      Don’ t mess with brazilians, Doug Walker. Remember what happened when Cinema Snob reviewed “Brazilian Star Wars” hahahahahahaha

  11. I only know the villain of this movie Timothy Odmondson (or however you spell his name) from Galavant. I hate to complain but I wanted more jokes with you being scared a la Son of the Mask.

    Also, since a lot of other commenters are bringing up the Channel Awesome document… I did read the parts of the big document that pertained to the contributors I used to (or still) watch. From my point of view, I see 95% of the blame goes to the CEO and Rob. However, I’m still giving my support to Doug himself and one other contributor who is left on this site that I regularly watch.

    • TheListenerCanon

      I’ve read some of it myself, but I’m not sure how much I believe it. I actually realized that the whole movement was started by Lupa and Marzgurl. Honestly, from what I can see, Lupa doesn’t seem nice. She blocked me on Twitter for quite some time (at least when she was on CA). It seems a little odd her and Marz would bring it up all of sudden since March, a few months after Marz left and THREE years after Lupa left.

      I’m not saying all of is a lie, as I can believe Linkara’s and Beth’s stories (they at least seem friendly with Doug), and perhaps Lindsay. But I just can’t believe Lupa herself.

      Like I said before, even if it’s true (which I have a feeling all of it isn’t anyway), I still continue to watch.

      To be frank, I’m starting to think this whole movement is stupid anyway. The whole #ChangetheChannel# seems to imply they should make better videos rather than make better management.

    • Who actually is CEO.

    • My 2 cents: My daughter and I love the Nostalgia Critic. It’s become a tradition for us on Tuesday or Wednesday night (whichever we both have off) to watch the new episode together. Unless Doug is killing puppies or something else just as horrible, I doubt we’ll ever stop watching. My daughter also enjoys others including Linkara and Phelous. She has no plans to stop watching them either.

      The bottom line is: We’re going to continue watching those we enjoy no matter where they are. I don’t know what of the allegations are true or what’s going to happen, and I definitely would be sad if the NC ends, but the goings on of the company (unless, again, someone is killing puppies) frankly don’t interest me.

  12. CommanderZander

    That was well worth the wait. This review was hilarious as always from start to finish. Seems like the only funny parts in this movie involved Woody himself. I’m sorry Doug about what the Channel has gone through lately. You are still awesome, no pun intended, and your videos always make my day.

  13. Holy crap that movie looks awful.

  14. Guywhothinksstuff


  15. Controversy ahoy! If you’re reading this Doug? Here’s some advice from a former fan and screw-up: Admit to the mistakes. Ignoring everything will just make your situation worse. Try to actually put forth an actual apology without shaming those who were hurt. You still have real talent on this sinking ship of a site. If you don’t want to speak out on these horrible past events and play puppet to your fans? Fine by me. I just wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. As Bob Ross once said? “Never be afraid to go out on a limb because that’s where all the fruit is.” And if you’re reading this but to decide to scrub my comment from the page? I guess we will all know where you stand. The ball is in your court. Just don’t expect it to sign a contract if you or your management abuses it.

    • OK, I think that some of us might need to chill out just a little…

      Yeah, Doug made some mistakes and maybe he may have some bad business decisions, but, as Speedy Eric already said earlier: Doug is not Harvey Weinstein. He’s not Kevin Spacey. He’s not Bill Cosby. He didn’t rape or murder anyone. He didn’t call anyone the N word. Our current president Loud Mouth McJackass proves that he’s a much worse human being on daily basis. If you choose to boycott Channel Awesome, that’s your decision, but before we start painting this picture that Doug is some kind of monster, let’s just try to keep in mind that a few poor decisions with some of the other contributors to the site doesn’t make him Satan in disguise.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Yeah, Doug is just the face of Channel Awesome; he doesn’t even own the rights to the Nostalgia Critic character. The IP rights to NC and all related characters and properties are owned by Channel Awesome’s CEO Mike Michaud. Doug’s mainly a performer/producer; you’re angry at the wrong person.

      It’s also worth pointing out that outside of the ones on team Nostalgia Critic in the Chicago area, none of the site’s producers are actually paid by Channel Awesome, so they’re technically not employees. CA is mainly a hub for producers to get more viewers, their revenue comes from sponsors and for the ones who have Patreon accounts, patrons. Yes, the ones who contribute art, writing, graphics, etc. for the site should be properly compensated, or at least be allowed to earn revenue via ads, midrolls, Patreons, and the like, but the truth is many of those who have departed CA don’t really need the site for views anymore. Mike J received less than 2% of his total viewership from Channel Awesome; several of his followers didn’t even know what Channel Awesome was before this recent controversy. At the end of the day, CA is just a nice way to view multiple content creators’ works in aggregate.

  16. That was King Richard in ‘Galavant’.

  17. Well it wasn’t in theaters so that’s progress.

  18. Half way through this film I remembered Furry Vengence was a thing.

  19. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    I like Doug’s work, I don’t care about CA and the politics behind it.

  20. Hmmmm I wonder if Tim Omoudson did this movie before or after he had his stroke!
    No Galavant jokes? Just Psych ones????
    Please, please please can you review the ScoobyNatural crossover???

  21. Wow! This movie was even worse than I thought! Oh my gosh! Even Yosemite Sam curses cannot do any justice to how bad the humor, writing, and effects were! And furthermore………….Shh, did you hear that? No not that laugh, that! It’s Mel Blanc, Ben “Bugs” Hardaway, and Walter Lantz collectively rolling in their graves!

  22. « Illegally poaching »… Kinda redundant isn’t it?

    • « Poachers illegally hunting »
      Don’t wait until the end of the video to comment next time or you’ll forget the quote again.

  23. Woody Woodpecker was one of my most hated cartoons from childhood. I only ever watched it because it happened to be on, all the fucking time.

    Also Walter Lantz appearing at the beginning of every episode always tricked me into watching, “Today Woody promises a special feature, there will be lots of laughs and excitement.” But there was never any special feature, it took me a while to figure out he was full of shit.

    If anything this movie seems to capture the ear gratingly annoying and unlikeable nature of the character. Real woodpeckers are noble creatures, Woody gives them a bad name.

  24. Daniel Brizuela

    I love Woody the Woodpecker. This is just a sad attempt to profit of his good name.

  25. Why is Woody Woodpecker really popular in Brazil?

  26. I was waiting for this one 😀

  27. I just created this account to, on behalf of Brazil, apologize for this “thing”.
    Woody is a meme around these parts and something many kids watched on saturday morning TV Shows in the 90s. Apparently that equals a successful movie for some people.
    Again, we’re sorry for giving this “rhing” a reason to exist and we’ll gladly take any punishment you desire.

  28. Honore de Ballsack

    It’s hard to get more “90s than Seattle.
    Um, you can’t build a house in a state or national park!
    I never even heard of this movie, although I liked the cartoon when I was a little kid. A real little kid.

  29. Are you guys even going to address what’s going on? A tweet or facebook post acknowledging some people are no longer on the site is literally the least you could/should do

  30. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great review as always.

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