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Doug joins the Awesome Comics crew to discuss what’s the worst comic book movie.

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  1. In relation to “O1” that is uttered at time frame 13:38 O is a letter.

    “01” should have been said.

    When speaking about the year a movie was released it is integral that numbers are used and not letters.

  2. The worst is Fan4stic, in my opinion. It is boring and depressing. I saw it at my local $2 movie theater. There were only two fight scenes. I like the 2000 movies though. I’ve never seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. I like Spider-Man 3. I was still a kid when it came out and I liked it. I will agree that it is jam-packed though. I actually love Catwoman. Another movie I re-watched that movie over and over again as a kid. I guess it also hit all the things I could relate to at the time: I loved cats, was shy, and loved the idea of breaking out. Plus, I didn’t know about the source material. I remember it well: It came out in 2004. I kinda get why people hate it but it has its own stupid charm and it’s one of my only good memories from childhood. I love the costume. I love the soundtrack. I didn’t notice the CGI. I will say that the villain did suck though. That’s my only complaint about the movie. Okay, sorry but long video, long comment. ^.^

  3. I’m surprised they forgot to mention 1997’s Steel with Shaq in the lead. But they probably (or hopefully) have never seen it.

    I personally hate Iron Man 3 the most, because they fucked up the villain and made Iron Man just look weak. But Steel and Catwoman are technically the worst movies.

    After rewatching it years later I found Spider-Man 3 not to be that bad. It still fits in the universe and has some emotional scenes. I liked it still better than any of the Amazing Spider-Man movies.

    I watched Fant4stic after I have seen a ton of bad reviews and honestly didn’t think it was that bad. But that might be because of really low expectations.

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