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The Awesome Comics crew are joined by Jim to find out who is the Worst Marvel Villain? Let us know in the comments below who you think is the Worst Marvel Villain.

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  1. MERP. Wow. Just wow. Yeah, when I was looking it up, the worst villains really DID seem to come from Spiderman’s roster. There’s also a villain named White Rabbit apparently, whose backstory basically was just that she was tired of being a trophy wife. Also, yes, I love Walter’s Stan Lee impression.

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Whirlwind’s powers don’t come from his suit. He’s a mutant who can spin super-fast.
    My pick for lamest Marvel villain of all time would be Egghead. He’s a scientific genius–with a bald, pointy head. Fortunately he’s dead now.

  3. Any villain beaten by the Great Lake Avengers, has to be among the worst 😉
    I’d vote for Paste-Pot Pete, not just because of his name, but mainly for his goofy outfit. As a runner-up: Boomerang, simply because he was the villain in the first Spider-Man comic I ever read.

  4. You did make it sound like asbestos was always a bad idea: it was considered something of a wonder-material for quite some time (almost every major building had some asbestos in it and countless firefighters died from cancer due to wearing it). Anyway Asbestos Lady originated in 1947 and died from cancer in 1990, so she predates Asbestos Man in every sense… however she’s no match for her male counterpart in the costume department.

  5. The Real Silverstar

    I don’t know if you guys could make this happen, but maybe you could try to get Dave Gobble and Brian Lewis of Team Cinema Snob to guest on the show some time; they seem to know their comics, so that could make for interesting discussion.

  6. From reading various books from Marvel’s Essential Line, I’ve gotten the impression that villains who were just pretty much ordinary people with somewhat odd abilities or professions are kind of a staple of Marvel in the 60s (like Spiderman those three cowboy characters that including a strong man, a guy who was good with a lasso, and the third guy whose talent I don’t remember) and I think I remember this in Luke Cage (which was the late 70s, early 80s), if I remember from reading Essential Luke Cage. Essentially rogue circus performers as supervillains were a common thing at sometimes in the past (literally in the case of the Circus of Crime). So the Matador fits in well with that crowd and there would be any number of Marvel villains that are not really any more menacing .

    I think the fact that the original Baron Zemo could not figure out how to remove his mask stuck to his face with Adhesive X (after decades of research), but that Paste Pot Pete had a universal glue solvent that removed stuff that got stuck to the Avengers after Zemo used Adhesive X on them proves that Zemo is more pathetic than Paste Pot Pete, and actually surprisingly lame. So I nominate (the original) Baron Zemo as the lamest Marvel villain. Just for an alternate take on the question. When is Pete going to get his Marvel cinematic appearance?

    Also, I agree with the people on Youtube who say that Walter’s Stan Lee impression sounds more like Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky….

  7. I feel like grabbing stupid villains from the silver age is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel…

  8. Stilt Man actually did appear in an episode of the 90s Iron Man cartoon in “The Armor Wars, Part 1”

  9. A couple of my picks:

    The Rainbow Raider, one of the later editions to Flash’s rogues gallery.

    Paste-Pot Pete: because I have to.

    Tweedledee and Tweedledum: Golden Age Batman villains.

    Mekano: a snot-nose brat who stole a fourth-rate Iron Man suit and was nevertheless able to beat the Silver Age X-Men. GOD, I hated that guy.

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