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Doug, Walter, Beth and Bryan talk about X-Men Apocalypse.

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  1. I saw the movie last week and thought it was pretty decent, but not spectacular.

    At least Wolverine never ages. 😛

  2. The Phoenix being an extension of Jean’s own powers was how it was originally portrayed in the comics anyway before they retconned it.

    • MightyDavidson

      Having actually read those comics….no it wasn’t.

      • I’ve only read the Dark Phoenix Saga TPB personally. But all the information I’ve seen on what came before said that Jean became the Phoenix when she was exposed to solar flare radiation, attained her full potential as a psychic and became a being of pure thought, then reformed herself on Earth.

      • The idea of the Phoenix as a completely separate entity only came about when they wanted to absolve Jean of her crimes as Dark Phoenix so they could bring her back. They definitely didn’t mention anything about it in the Dark Phoenix Saga itself.

  3. My favorite x-men movie is x-men days of future past because of quicksilver.

  4. My favorite X-Men movie is X-Men: First Class. I thought it was a well-acted, well-directed,and well-executed origin story for the X-Men.

  5. fireinmysockets

    Favorite x-men flick is a bit of a hard one for me. Toss up between X-2 and Deadpool. X-2 because I rather enjoyed the stakes of the whole thing, plus I found the villain’s methods to be quite chilling. Psychic genocide. Terrifying thought.
    And Deadpool is obvious because it’s Deadpool. It’s goofy, the characters are fun and on point, and the action is delightful as opposed to some of the more lackluster and unintentionally ridiculous action scenes we’ve gotten from the X-men franchise (i’m sorry but some of those scenes have just not aged well). Plus it takes place in the X-men cinematic universe, and has x-men helping him out a lot so i’m technically counting it as an x-men movie. Nyeh.
    So yeah Deadpool.

    Though I suppose X-3 does make a good case for itself being on my list because it killed off Cyclops. Always did hate him.

  6. Love hearing what you guys have to say about the movie, it’s not my personal favorite X-Men movie. If Deadpool counts that would be my choice, otherwise it would be Days of Future Past. Deadpool is such a great comedy/romance/action movie, all of the elements are played so well in the film. Which creates honestly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Days of Future Past did a great job of getting everybody excited about X-men again, they managed to rid themselves of the mistakes of the past which was a good call. The characters, story and emotion of it all work really well together. And the Quicksilver scene is fantastic, but everybody knows that. Love them both.

  7. The second half just fell apart, HARD. It seems like they have absolutely no clue how to do superpower action scenes.

  8. I’m siding with Doug, I think Apocalypse was a dullard in the comics. It’s cool that they made him the type that backs up his powers with actions rather than boasting about it, I can’t imagine someone living on the earth for thousands of years and running his stupid yap as much as Apocalypse liked to. And yeah, probably the reason I haven’t watched this movie yet is because the stooges from Fox still don’t want to commit to a REAL X-Men movie, even though Deadpool proved it’ll totally work the closer you stay to the comics. They should give the audience the benefit of the doubt that they actually HAVE read some freaking comics by now, and make an honest-to-goodness comic-hero movie. Hell, that’s the same reason they keep fucking up Fantastic 4! The Incredibles was basically half Fantastic (from the comics) and half Watchmen, in a freaking kids movie, and somehow wound up kicking stupendous ass despite my initial skepticism.

    Also Doug, go read that Old Man Logan comic. It’s badass and heartbreaking at the same time. You’re really lucky that flipping through the pages isn’t really enough to spoil anything major for that particular story.

  9. I’ll come back to watch the full review after I go to the movies this weekend. This video came sooner than I thought. Follow-up comment to come.

  10. I liked X-Men Apocalypse, although I rarely come out of the theater not liking what I saw. It wasn’t fantastic by any means but it was still a decent entrant into the franchise. My favourite is still Days of Future Past.

  11. “Old man Logan” it is just Mark Millar being Mark Millar. It’s pointelessly violent and gross (canibalism again).

  12. While Brian Singer’s early X-Men Movies do have their place in help setting the bar on how to make good comic book movies in the early 2000’s, I feel like recently, directors like John Favereu, Joss Whedon, and the Russo Brothers have stepped up the bar very significantly, and Singer’s sensibilities have not kept up with the time.

    You guys try to make the excuse that the X-Men Franchise has too many characters and Singer’s trying to put in too much. That feels like a cop out to me, because the most recent MCU Avenger movies have had just as many characters, but somehow THEY are able to balance their films and give every single character at least some dept and a few moments to shine, and they’re all WAY better paced and choreographed. I never felt bored during Civil War, whereas this movie dragged like hell. Apocalypse, as much as I like Oscar Isacc, was really boring, and the script didn’t do him any favors. This whole wipe out the world and build a better one motif was been done to death, and in much more interesting ways. He’s basically a less fun, less interesting version of Ultron.

  13. Storm didn’t change her mind because Quicksilvers leg was broken (she still fought the X-Men after that).

    She switched sides after Apocalypse tried to kill her heroine, Mystique. That was her wake-up call, seeing
    Mystique fight Apocalypse, and realizing “well, if *she* fights him, maybe he is the bad guy” (no shit, Sherlock). 😉

  14. Suggestions this week:
    -Civil War II updates
    -the recent controversies of Watchmen in Rebirth, and Captain America: Secret Nazi
    -favorite movie based on an independent comic
    -forgotten/buried comic films/shows
    -top X comics that deserve to be adapted into film/show/video game
    -top X comics that shouldn’t be adapted into film/show/video game

  15. I was not agreeing with Bryan, except for the Nightcrawler thing. X-Men Apocalypse was pretty great. The action scenes were good, the casting was great, and the 3D was great. This franchise hasn’t become stale bread yet. For how long the movie was, I didn’t feel like it was long at all. I really liked Psylocke’s outfit but purple is my favorite color so that may be why. Fassbender REALLY brought it as far as acting. I must admit that I WAS confused with the death scene because my brain didn’t compute that the arrow killed both the daughter and wife. McAvoy annoyed me like usual though. I like Fassbender and McAvoy together but McAvoy by himself annoys me. I really liked the movie but I don’t know, something was missing. I can’t put my finger on what though. One last thing: Storm changed because Mystique, her hero, was being choked.

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