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Everyone loved it when it came out, it launched a billion dollar movie franchise, but did this series have as promising a start as you remember? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at, X-Men.

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  1. Mr.T wants to be a cameo in Creed III.

  2. I still like this movie. It’s dated but in the same way that Friends is dated but still good. The only part I don’t like is Rogue and now that odd dance in the middle of the fight scene. I don’t have a bunch of knowledge of the comics so that’s a factor in my opinion, too. Also, the reason Jubilee is in the 80s is that any movie after Days of Future’s Past doesn’t follow the timeline started by this movie. One last thing: I was wondering if the crazy couple adopted Malcolm’s boy character but I got my answer by the end of the review. Haha

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