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Here it is, the bottom of the barrel, what most people call the worst X-Men movie. Can the Nostalgia Critic get through it without digging his claws into the screen? It’s time for X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

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  1. I kinda like this movie and I don’t like Deadpool so whatever. In fact, when I saw this, I was a kid and didn’t know anything about Deadpool. I still enjoy this a bit more than X-Men 3. I’m entertained by this movie even though it’s deeply flawed. I can’t wait for the next review. That should be fun.

  2. So the next review is… “The House That Drips Blood On Alex”?

  3. It was such a huge missed opportunity. Jackman is always great as Wolverine but the love interest angle was totally pointless – who cares when we don’t get to know her? Taylor Kitsch made a pretty good Gambit, shame he didn’t really have anything to do (If they are going to get a Gambit movie have him as the lead rather than Channing Tatum). At least a terrible Deadpool lead to two really good Deadpool movies? All the other side characters were just sort of there. Actually I’m not sure if any of the characters knew what they were doing. We got to find out how Logan got his jacket? Yay?

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