X-Men: The Animated Series (With the Creators) – Nostalgia Critic

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One of the greatest action cartoons ever is looked over by the Nostalgia Critic and the developers of the show (Eric Lewald and Julia Lewald). What strange stories do they have about making this amazing animated series? Let’s take a look at X-Men: The Animated Series.

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Thank you to Eric and Julia Lewald for coming on the show! Check them out here – https://xmentas.com/
Grab a copy of their book Previously on X-Men – http://www.jacobsbrownmediagroup.com/previously-on-x-men.html

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  1. First Tee Hee! I always win at these.

  2. This makes me want to see it again. I was alive when this show was at its prime. However, during summer vacation I was allowed to stay up at 1 in the morning and reruns of this would come on. Although, no offense Doug but I could tell you weren’t talking to them at times. Lastly, when are the Steven V-logs coming?

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