Yogi Bear – 1st Viewing

The Yogi Bear cartoon didn’t have a big impact on Doug or Rob, does the movie do any better? Here’s their first reactions.

Watch the review here!

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  1. DUDE He is the Harrison Wells You DUMB ASS

    • The Real Silverstar

      That’s right, because every single person on the planet watches Arrow, and anyone who doesn’t follow the series hardcore and/or doesn’t instantly recognize anyone from it is automatically mentally deficient as a human being.
      (Side bar: I had to Google this guy to find out who he is.)

      And maybe if I type the last part of my statement in all caps (the internet equivalent of shouting) than I’ll really come of like a tough guy and not just look like some whiny obsessed fanboy/girl.

  2. The Real Silverstar

    Warner Bros. had planned to make a sequel and a possible Huckleberry Hound movie if this had been successful; as we can all see, those things didn’t happen.

    There really wasn’t much to this movie, but then, there’s really not much to the cartoon either. Yogi Bear, like most of the 60’s era Hanna-Barbera ‘funny animal’ characters, really doesn’t lend himself to a feature-length plot. To the film’s credit, Justin Timberlake’s Boo-Boo impression is spot-on.

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