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The hit cartoon makes it to the big screen, and we’re so glad? Nostalgia Critic looks over the “live action” version of Yogi Bear.

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  1. Please review the shitty ass 1986 film Dangerously Close

  2. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Hey There Yogi Bear was the FIRST movie based on an animated series, so “finally makes it to the big screen” is inaccurate

  3. You know this movie is oddly beautiful looking in the background department

    • Yes, it was filmed in Yellowstone National Park. National mean “own and sponsored by government”, so how exactly local mayor want sell something what isn’t property of the city? Hell! They even use “rise money” cliche despite it being non-profit? WTF? This plot was almost a parody! Or seriously no one give a shit making it?

  4. You know this movie is oddly beautiful looking in the background department

  5. christian coccaro

    what happened to stardust? i know there not sponsoring you videos anymore, but i still enjoyed them.

  6. That’s “Wilhelm,” not “Wilmhelm.”

  7. You watch The Flash, weird that you do and Linkara doesn’t.

  8. OK, what the hell was up with the intro??

  9. Also, cute Breath of the Wild shirt, Tamara.

  10. I’ll never understand why not just make a fully animated movie instead of a live-action adaptation.

    • That already exists: Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear (1964).

      A better idea, I think, would be to simply produce some original animated shorts, since most animated characters created for the shorts, such as Yogi Bear, simply don’t have deep enough personalities to sustain an audience’s attention for over an hour.

    • Because no one give a shit about Hannah “animation ghetto” Barbera anymore?

      Also there are good movies with the gilders, just they are rare because it is usually cheap pandering to sentiment.

  11. Yay for the nod to “Cave Dwellers”. 😀

  12. Ah yes, thats the earth Doctor Wells likes to call “Earth-don’t mention it”

  13. “Has there ever been a good movie with a glider?”

    I don’t know, but what about that one where the guy ONE HIT KILL A PTERODACTYL WITH A BOW AND ARROW and used ITS RIGOR MORTIS CORPSE TO DROP-KICK A PURPLE CAVEMAN!

  14. Alright THawne, killing Yogi ALMOST makes up for you joining the nazis.

  15. Nice Assassination of Jesse James reference in the opening there.

  16. O.O Good Lord! I thought Garfield looked hideous; but THIS! As always, you put a smile on my face when I need it. Thank you.

  17. Kiki’s Delivery Service had a glider.

  18. I saw Yo, Yogi! when it ran on NBC in 1991. It wasn’t good either.

  19. 0:26 Please review “Flight”. John Goodman is hi-lar-e-ous in that film, and Denzel flying a plane upside down is just too much. The most unintentional funny movie that I’ve watched in years.
    0:39 I can’t believe “Boss Baby” got nominated for Best Animated Film this year and “Lego Batman” did not; did Maven give you all of her “Blade” DVDs??
    1:03 How many copies of “Mrs. Doubtfire” do you need?????
    OK, shutting up now about your DVD collection.

  20. I remember being to the Jellystone Park in upstate New York. They still had the walls painted with Yo Yogi! versions of the characters, and I’m not gonna lie, it had a weirdly timeless charm by being so incredibly dated.

    Which is, yeah, why this one was popular.

  21. Holy special effects at 10:26, that green screen looks almost as believable as car trips in sitcoms.

  22. The beginning is referencing something but I don’t know what. Also, what are you doing, Tom Cavanagh? You’re better than this. Although, that space donut scene did make me laugh. So random. I forgot this movie was even a thing.

  23. The Unusual Suspect

    “We’re gonna eat the dog too! Korean food tonight!”

    Great review Doug! Haha 😀

  24. Watching this review, I literally shouted “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS MOVIE?!”

    I guess a bluray that was marking my childhood as its territory.

  25. Well, could be worse. They could have released a sequel that added Cindy Bear and then spawned three more sequels to make a quick buck. Unlike the Chipmunks movies this series ended with the first one.

  26. The_Madder_Hatter

    “Run Yogi. Run”
    -Ranger Wells-

  27. Love the Flash references. Though calling out Superman Returns for using the Superman theme is redundant since it’s a Superman film, and it’s not a bad film.

  28. I remember Rob talking about this. It was on the previews for this year. I remember that video. Still holds up. Never watched Yogi Bear. Where’s the charity shout out?

  29. ahhhhhhh I love Tom Cavanagh!!!! But my whole thought process in this whole thing is ” WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING IN THIS MOVIE?”
    I Love doug’s inner tom lines lmao

  30. Jellystone? Wasnt that always Yellowstone?

    • Nah. The originally cartoon always used that as a parody name…although “Jellostone” was used as a parody name even earlier in an old Bugs Bunny Warner Bros. cartoon.

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