Yogventures Scandal: The Full Story – Guru Larry

Larry and Dan wrap up their Kickstarter Scam trilogy with the story behind their most requested Kickstarter of all,ÂÂ Yogcast’s Yogventures.ÂÂ ÂÂ ÂÂ Stit back and enjoy this rather fascinating history!

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  1. What people seem to forget is that Kickstarter is INVEST not purchase. No one ever guarantee that you get anything from that invest.. because it IS invest. Well outside creator reputation, but that was the case only in few examples. Most notably Mighty no.9 fiasco.

    It is hilarious to my that people invest in game and act like they bought game. Whole point of invest is that you do something because you are willing to risk simply for a chance to gain something what normally would not be EVER released because large investors are ignorant or assholes (or simply know that something is too risky.. give them also some credit when deserved).

    Obviously using Kickstarter for a cashgrab isn’t in any way justified, but we shouldn’t forget that there was many successful campaigns which allow us to get many wounder full games. I just saying that people should have a common sense in both ways.

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