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Walter, Aiyanna and Bryan discuss DC’s Young Justice

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  1. The voice actor for Kaldur (Aqualad) is Khary Payton, who also played Black Manta in this series, and Cyborg in Teen Titans. He’s really talented.

    You guys mentioned some of your favorite animated superhero shows, and I notice none of you mentioned the Green Lantern series. Maybe that should be your next video about an animated series, since it was cancelled at the same time as Young Justice.

  2. The Superboy clone isn’t Bizarro, its a character called Match (who is basically just a Bizarro for Superboy, so it’s not like you’re wrong). No, I’d never heard of him either, not until he popped into the show.
    Since Failsafe got mentioned, I’ll add that at first I didn’t like that episode, with the cop-out “It was all just an imaginary training simulation” ending (yes, they couldn’t have actually killed off the entire Justice League, but still)…but I completely changed my mind once I saw the next episode and everyone is freaking traumatised. What happened to them has had lasting impact and effects, they’ve not just brushed it off as “oh that was kind of weird, lets never mention it again” like so many other dream endings.
    personal favourite episode would be home front, I think. pitting artemis and robin (ie, the two without powers on the team) against two elementally powered super-robots, showing what you can accomplish, even in a world with super-powers, when you’re smart enough to use what you do have to best advantage

  3. I miss this show. The fact it was cancelled so early, and replaced with trash like Teen Titan’s Go of all things, is just shameful.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Incorrect. I’m not defending Teen Titans GO! by any stretch, but people need to stop scapegoating that show as the reason why Young Justice was axed. YJ got the finger because the show’s ratings were less than spectacular and the toys weren’t flying off the shelves, to the point where Mattel, the company that produced the toy line, withdrew their support of the show, not a good thing when action cartoons rely so heavily on toy sales for their survival.

      Meanwhile, TTGO! happened because the New Teen Titans shorts which aired on DC Nation proved popular with kids, so Cartoon Network opted to make them into a series. So Young Justice was not replaced by TTGO!; TTGO! was going to happen regardless if YJ survived or not.

      Now time to address the elephant in the room: Young Justice wasn’t popular enough with CN’s target demo of kids aged 6-11 to make it, and TTGO!, while not our cup of tea, IS popular with kids aged 6-11. That’s not the easiest thing for some of us to face, but we’re not kids.

      • I didn’t say GO was the reason Young Justice was cancelled, I just said it’s what replaced it. Go is beyond awful, even for the age group it tries to pander to.

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    BTAS Untouchable: I disagree. While BTAS certainly was innovative for its time, and is in fact a great show in its own right, I feel that Batman Beyond and Justice League improved upon it, both in terms of the writing, but also in their treatment of the character. I kind of feel like the writers were still trying out their wings in BTAS, but didn’t really learn to fly until later. Some of the early episodes just weren’t that well written.

    I also feel that JL and JLU really should be considered the same show, just as BTAS and TNBA are essentially the same show, even with the hiatus. Mostly because consequences of the events of JL are what drive most of the plot of JLU. Well, at least for the first two seasons; for the last, I think they were just trying to do some things to finish it out.

    As for Young Justice, it was basically the Teen Titans written for adults, but there was more to it than that. But what I really think stands out about it is the idea of superhero black ops. Whereas the JL heroes operate openly in the limelight, The Team (they are never actually given an official name in-universe) takes on the tough shadow missions that the big heroes don’t dare touch. I like that there’s more to it than just “Good Guys vs. Bad Guys,” but that different characters have their own unique motives, and there are multiple factions (The Light, the Reach, Static’s team, Star Labs, etc.). It makes for a much more intriguing show.

    I don’t think the Time Jump ruined anything, but I do feel like it was a bit much. I remember being hesitant to watch the second season because of it. I still would have liked to have seen the events between the two seasons.

  5. Ironically, Teen Titans: The Animated Series took a much more lighthearted approach than the New Teen Titans comic book series that it was based on, while on Young Justice, it was the exact opposite case; the YJ comics were lighthearted and funny while the TV show was intense and dramatic.

    Personally, Young Justice lost me after the 5 year time skip in season 2. In addition to my not liking time skips in general, there were now far too many characters and plot lines to keep track of. I preferred the shows’ 1st season, where the team was smaller and had more of a family feel to it. YJ became a teen soap opera with super powers. Plus (and I know that this is an unpopular opinion), but I didn’t like this series’ version of Superboy. At all. I wanted to see the cool, over confident, wise cracking Kon-El/Conner Kent, aka The Kryptonian Kid from the comics, not the whiny, angsty, brooding hothead that we ended up with on the cartoon.

    Also, I never much cared for Batman Beyond either. Sorry.

  6. I have a limited history with Young Justice. I remember catching an episode back when I was in high school when it was first out. I should check out this show but I don’t have Netflix. D:

  7. I want a Nightwing animated movie!

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